Thanksgiving roundup: YouTube URLs, Vine gets pushy and more

inigo montoyaSince this Friday is a holiday (Black Friday is a legal holiday, isn’t it), I thought I’d do my weekly tidbit roundup a little early.

Putting the YOU back in YouTube

YouTube is making it possible to change your YouTube user name to something more fitting for your brand. This is huge because so many people didn’t give a lot of thought to the name they created when they signed up. My YouTube name, TVCyn, was created when I was working as a TV reporter. Now, it’s a little off the mark and not intuitive for those who know my by my full name or often used nickname.

Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for a change because only channels with more than 500 followers are eligible and of course, you can only pick a name that isn’t already in use.

50 percent of teens said Facebook is a snore

25th-Nov-2014-Two-Thirds-of-Teens-are-using-Facebook-Less-FrequentlyFacebook isn’t about to lose its status as the number one social network, but it seems like familiarity has bred a little contempt.

50% of the participants in the new GlobalWebIndex (GWI) Social Summary for Q3 2014 said they were using Facebook less frequently than they did in the past. (Study involved 170,000 internet users across 32 markets)

The percentage gets even larger when you look at just the teens in the US and the UK. 64% are spending less time on Facebook for one big reason – they’re bored.

Actually, it’s all rather chicken or the egg. 29% of teens said they aren’t on Facebook as often because they’re friends aren’t on as often. They’re still communicating digitally, but now they’re doing it via Instagram and messaging apps.

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The most popular product on Pinterest is. . . .

The number one, most popular (Based on total number of repins, comments, and likes from the Top 100 brands in the 2014 IR 500) product on Pinterest is not a sexy pair of stiletto heels, a designer dress or diamond earrings. Nope.

According to an new infographic from Curalate, the most popular product on Pinterest is a cozy pair of camp socks from J. Crew. Really. If that was the $64,000 question today, I’d be going home a loser; socks!


That’s followed by a slightly sparkly top by American Eagle and a military jacket from JC Penney. After that it’s mostly fashion and jewelry with an appearance by Urban Outfitters’ photo printer and a desk from

Twitter moves one step closer to total T-commerce

Twitter offers instructionsWhat could be better than a hot cup of coca after a long, cold day of Black Friday shopping? I’ll tell you what, getting that cup of coca for less than everyone around you paid! That’s the American way. All you have to do is tap that new Twitter Offer from Cocabucks and it’s a done deal.

I am truly excited by this new advertising option because it combines two of my favorite things: Twitter and digital coupons.

Twitter Offers are digital deals shoppers apply directly to their credit card with a single click. This means shoppers have to register and store the card or cards they use on a regular basis with Twitter. That’s going to trigger security alarms for some people but as a nation, we’ll get over it. The digital wallet concept is slowly becoming more commonplace and we’re already used to storing card information with online sites we use frequently.

35 percent of people do it at work, 50 percent in the bathroom or in the car

jeopardy-alex-trebekHoliday Happenings for $200; 35% of people do this at work, but 50% say they’ve done it in the bathroom or in their car.

What is shop online, Alex?


Shopping is an important part of the holiday season, so people aren’t going to let a little thing like work stop them from getting every item on their gift list. In a recent survey, 35% of people admitted to shopping while on the clock even if such behavior was frowned on by the boss. Why do they do it? 28% said they did it so they could keep their purchases a secret from family members. 24% said they simply don’t have enough time to shop outside of work hours (which is kind of bogus seeing as online stores are open 24/7) and 17% said they had a better internet connection at work than at home.

Google reveals top toy trends, adds 360 degree photos to search

Top Toys 2014Google is ramping up everything they can ramp for the start of the 2014 holiday shopping season starting with a richer mobile shopping experience.

Google already noted a 3.5x increase in smartphone shopping searches year-over-over. Even better, they’re already sending more mobile traffic to retailers per week from Google Shopping than they sent during the best week last year. Think about that. It’s not even Black Friday yet and they’re already sending a record number of shoppers to online stores.

To make the experience even more rewarding for everyone, Google is adding expandable product cards for popular products. The new product cards include important details (size, options, color, etc), customer reviews and available locations. Some products will also have the new 360 degree photo option so buyers can see what their choice looks like from every angle.

Friday Roundup: DM sharing on Twitter, a very merry Pinterest and more

Twitter TravelHello Friday followers, it’s time for another quick look at all those stories that were too small to print. The social networks keep tweaking their features and everyone is in the holiday spirit but whether it’ll be a good year or a so-so year depends on who you ask.

Let’s get to it starting with my favorite social network. . .


Twitter’s been coming on strong lately and I like it. It’s as if they suddenly realized there was actual competition for second place and they knew they had to step it up if they didn’t want to lose out to Pinterest or Instagram.