Surprise, Surprise, Microsoft’s Ballmer Hates Google

It’s been interesting to see the longevity the “I’ll kill Google” story has.

“I’m going to f—— bury that guy. I have done it before, and I will do it again,â€? the declaration quotes Ballmer as saying. “I’m going to f—— kill Google.â€?

I’ve seen this quote more than a dozen times (plus one more, with my re-print) and I’m surprised by the attention this has gotten. I’m pretty sure Ballmer has said a lot worse about Google (and many other competitors) in the past. Then again, if I was getting my butt handed to me, I’d be upset too.

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Ok, I’m back!

After taking a couple of months to get my head together and travel half-way around the world, I’m back (“I’m” being Andy Beal, of course).

I hope you missed me…in fact, my delicate ego would not be able to handle it, if you didn’t miss me (so fake it, if you need to). I’m now fully removed from Search Engine Lowdown (I feel like the divorcee that couldn’t even keep the CD collection) and of course, no longer at WebSourced. That’s about the only thing that is different though. I’m still opinionated, still cynical and still willing to stamp my thoughts on any search related news – even if you disagree with me or whether I’m just plain wrong.