Considering Google Enterprise Search?

InformationWeek has five questions every company should ask, before installing Google Enterprise.

Thailand Afraid Google Earth Could Lead to Attacks

According to Reuters, the Thai military is concerned that Google’s satellite imagery of government buildings could lead to attacks.

The Thai military will discuss the issue with telecommunications and security agencies before approaching Google and other companies that provide similar services, Armed Forces spokesman Maj. Gen Weerasak Manee-in said.

“We are looking for possible restrictions on these detailed pictures, especially state buildings,” Weerasak told Reuters. “I think pictures of tourist attractions should do.”

Riiiight. Maybe they could also have the telephone number de-listed too! Next the French will prevent Google from showing images of Paris, claiming it’s hurting their tourist industry. ;-)

Google and Geico Settle

One of the last remaining details of the Google/Geico lawsuit have been settled, ahead of a Wednesday deadline that would have seen both companies back in the courts.

Google’s not out of the woods yet…

Google’s advertising challenges still faces trademark threats in lawsuits filed by another insurer, AXA Group, and Plymouth, Mich.-based American Blind and Wallpaper.

So Google still faces many lawsuits, but I have good news…..ok, I won’t go there. ;-)

Judge to rule Tuesday in Kai-Fu Lee case

CNet has the best summary of today’s closing arguments in the ongoing Google/Microsoft law suit.

The more you read about it, the more you can read between the lines that really Microsoft just hates Google and wants to mess with their plans. By hiring Lee, Google gave Microsoft the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Aegis Makes Predications on Digital Media Growth

ClickZ summarizes some thoughts recently released by Aegis. These include…

…half of all media consumed to be digital by 2007…television’s share of ad spend leveling out and newspaper’s share declining…online expenditure will grow past six percent next year.

So, more marketing dollars are being shifted online, nuff said.

Thanks for your support

Thanks to each of you for your kind words of support for the launch of this new blog. I truly hope that you will find it to be just as informative (and entertaining) as my previous blog.

Some of you have asked my next steps, with regards to my career. I’m still keeping that under wraps, but I should have an announcement over the next couple of weeks.

The “Google of” Blog Search Engines? Yawn!

The “Google of” tag is now reaching the blog search engine space with this article at WSJ. Subscribers can read about the different search engines focusing on blogs and how they can vary in results.

For those who want just a small taste of what prominent bloggers are saying, DayPop is a good place to go. It culls its search results from fewer than 60,000 blogs chosen by editors. That means it’s likely to offer up relatively few links to well-known bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and Dan Gillmor. Sites like Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket and BlogPulse scour far more blogs — between 15 million and 20 million each — so searches on those sites deliver far more results, often from obscure sources. While Technorati and BlogPulse focus exclusively on blogs, other sites — Feedster and IceRocket included — offer the option to bring in mainstream news sources.