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The “Google of” tag is now reaching the blog search engine space with this article at WSJ. Subscribers can read about the different search engines focusing on blogs and how they can vary in results.

For those who want just a small taste of what prominent bloggers are saying, DayPop is a good place to go. It culls its search results from fewer than 60,000 blogs chosen by editors. That means it’s likely to offer up relatively few links to well-known bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and Dan Gillmor. Sites like Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket and BlogPulse scour far more blogs — between 15 million and 20 million each — so searches on those sites deliver far more results, often from obscure sources. While Technorati and BlogPulse focus exclusively on blogs, other sites — Feedster and IceRocket included — offer the option to bring in mainstream news sources.