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The WSJ looks at how AOL is among the first companies to test a new ad format designed to avoid DVRs that allow viewers to skip through commercials.

In a sign of how advertisers want to proceed, a five-second pod-puncher [Madison Avenue slang for “ad-break”] for America Online will air tonight at the end of certain commercial breaks during the Fox network drama “Prison Break.” AOL and its ad-buying firm, Interpublic Group of Cos.’ Initiative, insisted the ad be placed at the end of the pod, right before the program resumes — and when viewers are more apt to see it.

Apparently TV networks have been reluctant to allow advertisers to pick and choose where their commercial runs within an ad-break.

The networks have long resisted the idea of selling advertisers a premium position in a pod, even though they know more people are likely to watch the first and last spots than those in the middle.

So how far off are we from an auction pricing process for TV ads with position based on relevancy and how much you’re willing to bid, compared to your competitor? Did someone say PodWords? 😉