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What started as a rumor and then led to speculation, appears to have enough life to keep things interesting.

Over the holiday, the Raleigh News and Observer ran a story which pieced together my thoughts with details that Google is rumored to be searching for 5,000 sq.ft. of office space.

The Mountain View, Calif., company, whose name has become synonymous with Internet searches, is snooping around for a small office in the Triangle.

Brokers for Google are scouting spaces smaller than 5,000 square feet that would be available early next year. But it’s not clear what the space would be used for.

I gave them my two cents…

Andy Beal, CEO of Fortune Interactive, a Raleigh Internet marketing marketing company, noted Caplain’s posting on his own blog and then went on to speculate on possible acquisition targets.

“It would make sense for Google to open an office here,” Beal said in a phone interview. “It would certainly shine the spotlight on the Triangle.”

Since then, I have heard the following whispers…

…a Google jet was parked at Raleigh’s RDU airport, not long ago
…local job listings have appeared then disappeared on job boards

It’s interesting that no-one appears to want to deny that Google is coming to North Carolina or that they may be ready to make an acquisition here. I know that is often standard practice (even if it’s not true) but you would think someone along the way would deny it.

I’ll keep you posted!