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Jason Caplain – who is known in VC circles in the Raleigh, NC area – posts a very brief rumor suggesting that Google could be opening an RTP office.

Rumor is that Google could be announcing that they are opening up an office in Research Triangle Park, NC.

If it is true, this would allow Google to tap into RTP’s high concentration of engineering talent. My guess is that they will probably announce an acquisition here rather than start building their team from scratch.

I’ve emailed him to ask the source of his “rumor”, but until I get a response, I’ll go ahead and put “2” and “2” together – and maybe get 5.

Jason’s VC company is nicely invested in ChannelAdvisor a local company that specializes in helping business sell end of line inventory on eBay and Amazon (and the shopping engines). ChannelAdvisor’s CEO Scot Wingo is known to the Google-guys and even had had a brief stint with Overture (his previous company, AuctionRover, being acquired by them). ChannelAdvisor also recently acquired in an effort to break into the SEM space.

Scot Wingo has been talking a lot about Google Base recently (blogging more often than he usually does) and his company was among the first to announce support for the service. Wingo has even gone as far as to proclaim Google Base better than eBay. His company is evening putting together a webinar on Google Base.

Could Jason’s post be a hint that ChannelAdvisor has been acquired? Is he just messing with our heads? I’ll see what I can find out.

Update: Also in the mix is Motricity – another company Jason Caplain is invested in. They provide mobile content solutions for the wireless industry. Could they be a target?