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Yahoo has released details of a survey that further strengthens the relationship betweening online searches and offline sales.

Working with Compete, Inc., Yahoo analyzed the online shopping behavior of a panel of two million internet users and conducted a survey of over 400 apparel shoppers who used search, visited one of 49 apparel retailer or manufacturer sites and subsequently purchased apparel offline.

The key findings include:

Search Influences Offline Purchasing
According to the findings, 78% of people who purchased apparel offline after using Internet search reported that search influenced their store visit and purchase. Nearly half (47%) of these buyers have also purchased apparel online and spend 26% more on apparel annually than those who do not use search.

Apparel searchers are highly engaged shoppers.
The study found that, over a 60-day shopping period, apparel searchers spent more than 30% more time when visiting retail sites than non-search visitors and were more likely to engage in site activities such as customizing a product image, viewing shipping methods or return policies and submitting an email name. The research also showed that apparel searchers were also more likely to make a purchase (online or offline). Apparel searchers generated an average online conversion rate of 21%, compared with the 18% average conversion rate generated by non-search users.

Consumers use search throughout the buying cycle.
Consumers conduct multiple searches and use search throughout their purchase decision, with 21% reporting they use search to find out about new styles and brands, 27% using search to find out about sales and deals and over 50% using search to find a store address, phone number or website.

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  • Well the part that I think is the most beneficial to me is that people are researching the product online, and buying it offline. I need to use this information to find a way to keep them online, and turn them from visiting traffic to a conversion.

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