Is Miva Looking for a Buyer?

Rich Duprey’s eagle-eye spots a recent Miva filing that suggest the company may be looking for a buyer.

Miva’s filing begins by mundanely setting the base pay of the senior vice president and general manager of the company’s North American operations, the chief technology officer, and the chief marketing officer. It then goes on to reveal that they are also now covered by a change-of-control plan should Miva get bought out and are prohibited from competing against the company for a one-year period. You wouldn’t realize that any of this information was new until you go back to Miva’s proxy statement filed in May, where only the CEO, president, chief strategy officer, and CFO are covered by the agreement. The new filing nearly doubles the number of executives covered.

Fourth Quarter E-Commerce Growth Very Strong

Over at Forbes, they look at Merrill Lynch’s view that e-commerce will have a stella Q4 thanks in part to Google, eBay and Amazon.

“Comscore’s latest fourth-quarter forecast calls for e-commerce sales of $26.5 billion, which exceeds our fourth-quarter e-commerce estimate for 22% year-over-year growth,” Merrill analyst Justin Post wrote in a recent note in investors.

TiVo Users Soon Can Search for Ads, Google-Style Ad Pricing Possible

Just last week we reported on compelling reasons why Google should acquire Tivo. That argument just got a whole lot stronger with the announcement (WSJ) that Tivo is partnering with several big ad firms to offer its users a system that lets them search for commercials centered around a specific topic.

TiVo users will be able to set up a profile of products on their television screens by clicking on categories such as automotive or travel or typing in keywords such as “BMW” or “cruises.” On a regular basis, TiVo will then download relevant commercials to TiVo recorders over the Internet or, for those users who don’t have broadband, send the video via traditional broadcast signals. The commercials will appear on-screen in a folder next to the list of television shows TiVo users record.

Xooglers Blog for Ex-Google Employees

Mike Bazeley at SiliconBeat thinks he’s the last to mention Xooglers, a new blog by former Google employees, but I might just take that honor. ;-)

Google North Carolina Office Rumor Still Growing

What started as a rumor and then led to speculation, appears to have enough life to keep things interesting.

Over the holiday, the Raleigh News and Observer ran a story which pieced together my thoughts with details that Google is rumored to be searching for 5,000 sq.ft. of office space.

The Mountain View, Calif., company, whose name has become synonymous with Internet searches, is snooping around for a small office in the Triangle.

Brokers for Google are scouting spaces smaller than 5,000 square feet that would be available early next year. But it’s not clear what the space would be used for.

I gave them my two cents…

Andy Beal, CEO of Fortune Interactive, a Raleigh Internet marketing marketing company, noted Caplain’s posting on his own blog and then went on to speculate on possible acquisition targets.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Should Google Acquire Tivo?

Motley Fool makes a compelling case for Google to buy Tivo.

…a blending of the Web and TV is practically inevitable, in my opinion. All that’s still missing is a model to monetize it. Google and TiVo — together — can create that model. Think about it. Google has a massive network. It has an algorithm for searching and organizing anything fast. It has a platform for targeted advertising. It has invested heavily in making broadband available anywhere, including over power lines. And it has a nascent technology for speeding the delivery of certain content. In other words: Google knows how to find, deliver, and organize any kind of digital content, including video. And do it really, really fast.