Google gives $3M to Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is kicking off a campaign on Tuesday to work with other nation’s libraries to build a World Digital Library, starting with a $3 million donation from Google Inc.

More at CNN.

Are “Swiss Army Knife” Search Engines a Good Thing?

eWeek explores how Google, Yahoo and MSN are becoming multi-purpose search engines and whether there is room for a specialize search provider.

Can Someone Explain Dipsie to Me?

So Dipsie is not a search engine (as portrayed) but an SEO tool. But this concerns me about their new service…

When users find the “cloaked” pages using a search engine, they’re directed to a landing page that states it has been re-rendered by Dcloak; that page contains a link to the original page, with all of the non-HTML elements intact.

How is this different from cloaking and doorway pages that have been the tools of choice for black-hat SEOs for years? I’m assuming there is an explanation – especially as many journalists have been writing about the tool as if it’s a great thing.

So, what am I missing here?

Google Testing Expandable OneBox Results

Google Blogoscoped has a nice screenshot of a new feature being tested by Google. It appears they are testing expandable/collapsible OneBox results (those news, image etc results that often appear at the top of regular web results).

Via Danny.

Ask Jeeves and GoFish Sign Content Licensing Agreement

GoFish Technologies, will tomorrow announce that it has signed a content licensing agreement with Ask Jeeves. Under the agreement, Ask Jeeves will integrate GoFish’s multimedia content to enrich the search experience on for entertainment-related information.

The first phase of the integration is now live and enables Ask Jeeves users to listen, browse, purchase, and download music, video, podcasts, audio books, movies, music videos, and ringtones. For example, visitors to can now search “Depeche Mode� or “Black Eyed Peas� and click “Music Download� within the direct answer provided at the top of the search results page to get the multimedia content they want. Additional integration of GoFish content will be ongoing.

Google to Open a North Carolina Office? ChannelAdvisor Acquisition Target?

Jason Caplain – who is known in VC circles in the Raleigh, NC area – posts a very brief rumor suggesting that Google could be opening an RTP office.

Rumor is that Google could be announcing that they are opening up an office in Research Triangle Park, NC.

If it is true, this would allow Google to tap into RTP’s high concentration of engineering talent. My guess is that they will probably announce an acquisition here rather than start building their team from scratch.

I’ve emailed him to ask the source of his “rumor”, but until I get a response, I’ll go ahead and put “2” and “2” together – and maybe get 5.

360i and SearchIgnite Acquired

ClickZ reports

Japanese Internet company Livedoor continued its push into the global search and contextual advertising space with the purchase of Innovation Interactive, parent to 360i and SearchIgnite.