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Add Urchin to the long list of Google products you can now access using your Google Accounts.


You may have seen a message in your Urchin account recently telling you that we’re updating the Urchin login system to Google Accounts. This email provides answers to several questions we thought you might have.

In order to complete this migration, your Configuration options will be temporarily disabled from 2 p.m. PT (US) on Friday, November 11 until 11:59 p.m. PT (US) on Sunday, November 13.
You will still be able to access reporting during this time.
We will send you a second email when this change is completed with instructions on logging in to your account.

– What is a Google Account?
A Google Account is a single email and password that gives you a simple and secure way to sign in to multiple Google services, without having to log in and out each time.

– Do I have to have a Gmail account to update to Google Accounts?
No, you can use any of your email addresses as your Google Accounts login.

– How can I keep my personal and business accounts separate?
You can create multiple Google Accounts, and in this way, separate your personal from your business accounts.

– I also use Google AdWords/Adsense. Will this affect me?
Google is updating the AdWords & AdSense system to use Google Accounts as well. Once this update is complete, you can use a single email address and password to access all of AdWords, AdSense and Urchin. If you have already updated your AdWords account to use a Google Account, we suggest using the same Google Account for Urchin. If you have not yet updated your AdWords account, you will be given that option when you log in to AdWords.

– So, what do I do now?
Once we’ve completed the transition, you will receive an email with instructions on logging in to Urchin using a Google Account.


The Urchin Support Team