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Mediapost demonstrates the power of the blogosphere by covering the unfortunate events that led up to the blog Digital Connection raising hell with

After the blogger received very poor customer service, he proceeded to post an account of the episode on his blog.

He posted an account of his experience on Digital Connection, and also mentioned that he had found the retailer through Yahoo! Shopping. As of Wednesday, still appeared on Yahoo! Shopping with a rating of four stars out of a possible five, but by Thursday, the site had been delisted.

That’s when things went turned very bad for

Howard Baker, a manager with, said the business had suffered “millions of dollars” worth of damages in the last two days, apparently at the hands of consumer vigilantes who had read the Digital Connection post.

“In the last couple of days there was one disgruntled customer that posted a blog that caused thousands of people to come out of the woodwork and jam our Web site,” said Baker–citing viruses, denial-of-service attacks, and thousands of prank calls. “We’re talking to our attorneys this afternoon, and will probably be taking legal action.”

“They’re basically trying to destroy our business in our busiest month, and they have,” Baker said. “No hard-working small business owner should ever experience something like this.”

Can you see the need for online reputation monitoring now? 😉