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Gregory Lamb of The Christian Science Monitor takes a look back at the “EPIC 2014” video – a mock documentary looking back from 2014 at the merger of Google and Amazon and the death of traditional news – and wonders if it might come true after all.

He chats with the creators Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan about the video. Some interesting thoughts, including…

One reason EPIC 2014 continues to resonate may have to do with the darkening image of Google, Thompson says. The December issue of Wired magazine asks “Who’s Afraid of Google? Everyone.” And Charlene Li, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, which closely tracks Google, told Investor’s Business Daily that the company is evolving: “They are becoming a model for what a media company needs to be in order to be competitive in the future.”

When Thompson and Sloan made the video in early 2004, “We still thought of Google as this ‘don’t be evil,’ shining-armor company,” Thompson says. But as Google’s profits and stock prices have soared, “there are lawsuits against Google, and privacy advocates are warily eyeing Google’s every move. It makes [EPIC 2014] even more ominous.”

It was an eye-opening video when it first came out, it’s even more intriguing now. Maybe not Googlezon, but perhaps GoogAOL?