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The Google Blog has a story posted by Google’s Trisha Weir who explains her unsual tactic for getting a jobe at the company.

I talked about how I didn’t normally wear the logos of companies I had no affiliation with, but that I wore my Google shirt with pride, because I admired Google so much — they were smart, they treated people well (users and employees alike), and they made good products. But beyond that, I could tell Google was special, that all that innovation was going to lead to something extraordinary. And I wanted to be part of it. Also, I wanted another T-shirt.

I got both. After I staggered up onto the beach that first Wednesday, I went into town in search of Internet access and, in a net cafe with a thatched roof and a 56k modem connection, found waiting for me an email from a Google recruiter who had plucked my application from a pool of dozens because of my T-shirt-themed cover letter. On Thursday I flew back to the U.S. On Friday I had a phone screen. On Monday I endured three hours of onsite interviews. And on Tuesday, the recruiter called back and said, “Welcome to Google. Can you start tomorrow?”

Interesting idea. If anyone sent me a cover letter claiming to have a Fortune Interactive t-shirt, I would be very impressed…there’s only 12 in existence! 😉