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Lost of great snippets from…

In a Harvard Management Communication Letter, the school said blogs enable the brave few “to connect with customers online and advance corporate communications and marketing goals” and added that a well-written blog can boost a company’s credibility.

However, the business school suggests companies bear in mind a number of key points such as ensuring readers can comment so the blog remains open and interactive and doesn’t appear a mouthpiece for the company.

The article states: “Permit both positive and negative posts on your blog and reply to comments made on other blogs pertinent to your area of focus. Respond in a professional and businesslike way. If you don’t want to hear from your customers and critics in a public environment, don’t blog.”

It also urges companies not to allow their PR department anywhere near their blog and put the marketing-speak thesaurus back on the shelf. A blog which is “genuine, conversational and engaging” and which “eschews corporate-speak” is far more effective, it states.

It probably also says not to try and plug your own blog marketing services too. Oh, well. 😉