Posted December 16, 2005 4:59 pm by with 2 comments

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Over at SEOmoz, Rand sat down with our own Mike Marshall and got the “lowdown” on the concepts behind SEMLogic.

Mike shared with Rand our “super (not so anymore) secret” SEMLogic demo, which Rand has shared with the world. Oh well, better out than in. 😉

Many thanks to Rand for his glowing endorsement.

  • Oops! Sorry, Andy. I didn’t realize that page wasn’t public – thought I had just missed the link. I do appreciate you guys being so open – I suspect a lot of SEOs will be asking for help, and I’ll definitely be referring people your way.

  • Not a problem. We’ve been keeping it to just a select few, but it was about time it became public.

    We’ll take anyone you refer! 😉

    Thanks again!