Google Sees 82% Profit Jump, Is It Enough?

Reuters reports Google’s net profit rose 82% in fourth quarter to $372.2 million.

Net income for the fourth quarter rose to $372.2 million, or $1.22 per diluted share, from the year earlier quarter’s $204.1 million, or 71 cents a share. Gross revenue grew 86 percent to $1.92 billion

The consensus Wall Street prediction for net profit was $1.51 per share, according to Reuters Estimates.

We’ll update with Wall Street’s reaction.

Update: After Hours market shows Google down 13%+ to $373. Ouch.

Update 2: I always find great analysis at Here’s their take on why GOOG is tanking.

Google Denies Napster Rumor

Google and Napster not about to do a deal, according to Reuters.

That kills that rumor.

FTD: We Forgot About Search

Still think that search marketing is not important? FTD just realized they screwed-up their Christmas marketing efforts by not utilizing search. The result? The marketing exec was fired.

“The consumer business’s order growth for the 2005 Christmas season was below expectations [because of] our decision not to pursue high-cost order volume associated with online search,” FTD president/CEO Michael J. Soenen said in a statement. “In anticipation of continued competitiveness in the online search environment and to better manage the consumer segment business going forward, we have made management changes within this segment including the replacement of our head of marketing.”

I’m thinking of a new line of t-shirts – “Friends Don’t Let Friends Handle Their Own SEM Campaign

Google Tools on Your Next Dell Computer

Just three weeks ago, I wagered that we’d see Google Pack pre-installed on Dell computers before the end of the year.

According to eWeek, it may come sooner than later with news that some Dell laptops and desktop computers are being sold with two Google search features pre-installed.

Should Google Abandon “Do No Evil”?

Speaking to Brett Crosby last week, I know that “Don’t be evil” is something Google really does consider when making any business decision. That being said when Eric Schmidt makes comments like this, should they just go ahead and abandon it altogether?

“We concluded that although we weren’t wild about the restrictions, it was even worse to not try to serve those users at all,� Schmidt said. “We actually did an evil scale and decided not to serve at all was worse evil,� he said, referring to the company’s famous “don’t be evil� creed.

C’mon, since when does one wrong make a right? How large is this “evil scale” and how subjective is it?

Guys, I want to believe that you’re out to do what is right, but statements like this just add fuel to the “mockery-fire” you’re facing right now.

Fortune Interactive Adding Clients (Promo)

If you’re interested, we just added a sample list of search marketing clients to Fortune Interactive.

Google Upgrades Toolbar

Google just announced an upgrade to its search toolbar.

The new beta versions of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer are open and customizable, with new features that enable users to customize their search experience and share information with friends.

The new versions of Google Toolbar now offer customizable buttons, online bookmarks, enhanced search features, new sharing capabilities, and an open API. Google Toolbar for Enterprise beta also includes administration and control for business environments.