Posted January 19, 2006 1:44 pm by with 1 comment

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BusinessWeek offers a glimpse of a typical sales meeting between Google and one of its larger clients.

The meeting with mutual fund company Vanguard offers an interesing insight and shows how aggressive Google is in grabbing as much of a the marketing budget they can.

  • Scott

    Nice find Andy! It’s exciting to see the power shift that’s occuring in the marketing/advertising space…especially when that trend is in favor of us search marketers!! The proof’s in the pudding and budgets will continue to be moved away from print to search. If Vanguard is so thrilled with AdWords and other Google products, I wonder why they’re not all over the top positions in natural search??!!? With all of the attention on Paid Search and its reach, why are the mammoth companies not dominating organic listings? That still baffles me b/c it’s a consistent trend. If Vanguard can dump $12MM/year in PPC, they’d be smart to dump $1MM in an aggressive SEO push b/c the reach in natural search is massive! Cheers to the 7-figure annual SEO campaign 🙂 and the company that can land such a deal. I predict a SEO revival coming soon……