Posted January 10, 2006 3:51 pm by with 1 comment

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Bambi Francisco believes that Truveo (acquired today by AOL) is a better video search technology than Google Video.

Google’s search technology behind the video service fails to live up to Google’s high search standards for text.

Type in the words “CES” and the first video is totally unrelated as it’s a nine-second video of a guitar player. The only relevant video was the sixth one shown, and it was essentially a video press release.

By comparison, type in “CES” in, a startup with 12 engineers focusing on nothing but perfecting video search, and the first one is a very relevant video clip, dated Sunday, Jan. 8, of a CNN report on the tech fest. In fact, Truveo had a minimum of 100 relevant videos related to the consumer show.

Not bad for a company that just launched in September.