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CRM Magazine has a great article that answers many questions about corporate blogs and online reputation monitoring. If you’ve worried about the risks associated with a company blog, this article should help a lot.

General Motors gets it…

General Motors is an example of a company that is doing corporate blogging right, according to Charlene Li, principal analyst and blog writer at Forrester Research. Many GM fans anxious to get their hands on the new Pontiac Solstice expressed frustration at the product not getting to market. So the company had the person in charge of that project blog about some of those frustrations, explaining what was taking so long and recognizing the prospective buyers’ feelings. It talked about certain dealerships getting limited early editions of the car and the vast amount of testing needed to help ensure customer safety. “The ROI is infinite–it’s the enrichment of people,” Li says.

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  • Thanks for letting us know more about GM’s use of corporate blogs. Another company I’ve found to use them well is IBM, which encourages its employees to blog and even developed its blogging policies by soliciting suggestions from its own bloggers-to-be. I blog about companies that blog (I know, sounds confusing), and I’m fascinated by the fact that so few Fortune 500 companies are blogging – only three percent or so at the moment, I think. Hopefully 2006 will see the emergence of many more “big business” blogs.