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AP reports that a consortium of French and German techies are putting together Quaero, Europe’s answer to Google.

Quaero epitomizes European ambitions especially for French President Jacques Chirac of creating alternatives to U.S. technological prowess. But facing off against super-rich, super-talented U.S. companies may prove daunting for the cumbersome consortium of European companies and public agencies hatching Quaero.

Quaero will not just be another search engine but will offer a set of tools for translating, identifying and indexing images, sound and text.

It’s almost sad to watch the French get so obsessed about the dominance of American technology. Why do they have to compete with Google just because it is American? Then again, they’re not alone, just look at the Japanese.

It’s going to be tough for Quaero to compete, just look at the struggles Microsoft has faced with all of their technology and billions.

P.S. The official site suggests they expect Quaero to reside at (look at the title tag) but the owners of might have something to say about that. 😉