Posted January 17, 2006 11:52 am by with 5 comments

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Still not figured out RSS readers? Maybe you only ever read Marketing Pilgrim, so don’t need a reader 🙂 (yeah, right). Or, maybe you just prefer to get news in your inbox.

Thanks to FeedBlitz, you can now get the latest MP posts emailed directly to your inbox. Never again worry about missing the latest online marketing news. Yay!

Look for the sign-up box labeled “GET EMAIL UPDATES” in the right navigation column.

  • rcjordan

    ugghh! i’d rather have a sharp needle stuck in my eye, hhh. how you doing, andy?

  • How did you find me here? I thought I lost you at the last blog! 😉

    Good to hear from you RC!

  • rcjordan

    >lost Naaah, i knew where you took refuge almost from as soon as you decided, hhh. You’ve been ducking my one or two emails on your gmail account so i figured i’d harrass you here in public –even though you’re a wuss and have comment mod on.

  • Comment moderation, was just in case you turned up. 😉

    Gmail spam filter must be working well. 🙂

    Drop me an email and we’ll grab lunch.

  • really like MP.
    i join the MP mybloglog community and subcribe the rss feed by google reader.