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This must be a glitch at Google. Search for anything with Google and it will not let you navigate beyond the first page of results. The only option is to download Google Desktop. Seems to only effect Internet Explorer.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Here’s the problem. Google has a transparent DIV tag that is interfering with the layer behind it. The problem doesn’t effect Mozilla. This screenshot shows the problem.

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Spotted by Jai!

UPDATE: The glitch has been fixed.

  • Yes, I experienced that problem, too.

    I had to start using a boolean “-” operator to exclude some of the results I was receiving and continue searching.

    I’ll have to change browsers for further searches. Thanks.

  • Glad to know I am not the only one. Thought something was messed up in my IE… well other then IE being messed up already. 🙂

  • Works fine in Opera.

  • Dan

    Just another reason to dump IE, and embrace the virtues of Firefox. Faster, safer, more secure.

  • I’m curious. In my playing around with html, I noticed several explanatory cautions that IE doesn’t treat code in the way defined by www, most being complaints that MS doesn’t adhere to the standards.

    Is this what we are seeing here — that IE parsed (is that the right word) the Google’s code differently than expected, or, to put another way, Google forgot to include the IE workaround so that what Google intended would work across the entire browser spectrum?

  • Jacob Levy

    Im using IE6 and right now the search,GGLG:2005-43,GGLG:en&q=google+dog+food does not show this problem. I have the google toolbar however (not google desktop) so maybe thats why.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the search page everyday with IE6 and haven’t seen this.

  • Robert Macbeth

    Google’s search engine now finds utter crap in relation to anything you ask for and fills its so called relevant pages with page upon page of advertising websites and you end up trolling through just shear rubbish.
    IE7. What a joke. Microsoft is yet again trying to control people by what and how they do things.
    Yahoo search engine with Firefox

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