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eWeek reports that Google is starting to show Ads on its home page. While the home page in question is the company’s web site in Belarusian, it signals the demise of Google’s clean interface.

I think this is a very bad move for Google. Exactly how relevant are ads for fireworks and flowers to the Google home page? How is this helping users find the most relevant content?

It will be a sad day should Google expand the ads to’s home page. It will surely signal that Google is interested in money more than relevance.

Update: Thanks to Cindy for reminding me of the following statement by Google’s Melissa Mayer…

“We don’t believe in untargeted ads, so how are we possibly going to serve a targeted ad on that page?,” Mayer said, explaining that someone coming to the Google home page has communicated no information of what they might be interested in. Via SEW.

Update 2: Over at WMW, they suggest the web site in question, isn’t even owned by Google. That would explain a lot and make me feel a whole lot better that Google is not ready to sell-out.

Update 3: Email from Google’s David Krane confirms the site is not owned by Google.

  • forwards searches to under the language setting “hl=ru”. It has to be a fake, since I’ve never heard of Google doing that.

  • I see the Google’s future – paid ads fill out all free space, each user query through difficult captcha and many other scary things. I hope what isn’t the future…

  • Simple Developer

    I woke up to see the ads flashing on my homepage of Google. I tried removing the ads but the banner remained there until I used adblock plugin.

    That was a temporary fix until I found a way to remove it and I have explained it here in a short post:

    Those ads were annoying!