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ClickZ has details of a new experiment Google is conducting with ads on Google Maps.

A search on “hotels” in New York City returns an organic list of local hotels, plotted on the map with red markers and bracketed by sponsored hotel listings, plotted on the map with blue markers. The same search in other locations, such as San Francisco, doesn’t yet return the paid listings.

This is probably one of Google’s most relevant use of advertising in recent months. Very cool.

  • Anonymous

    Silly! I can see Orbitz advertisement for Seattle and SFO as well. This has been up and runing for several days. Such a waste of time!!

  • Works for restaurants too..

    Add local ads on local search & Google Maps with Google’s recently revealed patent application for click-to-call ads and you can see where this is heading. White/Yellow pages companies and directory assistance services must be getting extremely nervous.

  • I just can’t wait to have it working on Europe.
    As hotel situated in a very “woody” place in the hills, this sur will give me traffic and customers.

  • This, of course, is just an intermediate step – in the end you obviously want to deliver these advertisment to mobile users based on their current location. I expect that in the future your willingless to accept location based advertisment on your phone may pay (a large part of) your mobile phone bill. Imagine that: your mobile phone company offers free 50MB/month data traffic – you only have to accept that now and then there will be a message alerting you some restaurant/shop/event close by. [more…]