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So, you think you know who’s “first generation” SEO? Think again!

Greg Jarboe has discovered the very first book on search engine optimization and it was written by none other than Mark Twain! Ok, so the great author didn’t actually know he had written about SEO, but Jarboe figured it out.

Twain, I believe, would have felt right at home in our industry, profession and time. I recently re-read his book, Life on the Mississippi, and found a couple of top stories that SEOs may want to read for themselves and re-tell to their clients.

I wasn’t convinced until I saw this quote from the book…

According to Twain, it was the riverboat pilots – especially the reputable ones, who shared information and observations with their peers. Twain could have been describing SEOs when he wrote, “all pilots are tireless talkers, when gathered together, and as they talk only about the river they are always understood and are always interesting.�

Having spent manys hours at SEO conferences and more importantly, SEO conference bars, I can attest to the fact that Twain knows what he is talking about! 😉