Posted January 26, 2006 6:01 pm by with 6 comments

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You may have noticed that posting has been light today. I’m at Frost’s internet marketing symposium in Phoenix.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for coverage of Brett Crosby’s – Google Analytics – presentation notes. I’ve been chatting to him today and I’m sure his presentation will be interesting.

Brett Crosby – Google Analytics

  • It’s hard to tell from this pic but Brett is a pretty tall guy.

    There wasn’t wireless access in this room until I asked for it…thank god

  • LOL…is that why they sent you to the back of the room? for causing trouble? 😉

  • Ack, my battery died, I really needed juice!

  • I got in SO much trouble they sent me home… 😉

    Did you rage it up last night?

    I’m back in the valley, it was great meeting you Andy, goog luck with the sessions today.


  • Not for me. A nice dinner at “Aunt Chiladas” and then an early night.

    Next time I’m out your way, we’ll definitely connect.

  • Brett is a funny guy, has a great insight on search!