Terry Semel’s CES Keynote LIVE

Well kind of live. Engadget is “Barry Schwartzing”* Terry Semel’s keynote speach. Not a live stream, but better than nothing.

* Barry Schwartzing – def – to blog a conference session as it happens.

Google Pack Bundled on Your Next Home Computer?

I’ve been giving Google Pack some thought. Could the initial goal of making Google Pack available for download, not be the ultimate goal?

Earlier this week, we heard rumors that Google may announce a Google PC, that turned out to be untrue, with Google stating

“…we have a number of PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter this market; we would rather partner with great companies.”

Maybe this quote, and the initial rumor, are indicators of what Google may ultimately have planned for Google Pack. My guess is that Google may aim to encourage its “PC partners” to start offering Google Pack pre-installed on your next computer. Either running alongside typical Microsoft offerings or totally replacing them.

Google and Intel Join Forces on Video Search Technology

From the press release

Intel Corporation and Google today announced plans to work together in bringing Google Video to the new Intel® Viiv™ technology platform. This planned collaboration is intended to give consumers an easy way to search, manage, and consume the huge amount of video information available on the Internet from the comfort of their couch.

“Google looks forward to working with Intel to bring Google Video to consumers who use the new Intel Viiv platform,” said Susan Wojcicki, vice president for product management at Google. “Both companies believe open standards are critical to provide rapid growth in digital entertainment. Our goal is to work closely with Intel to make Google Video content available on new digital devices in the home.”

Ice.com Finds Blogs Help Search Marketing Efforts

By now, you should know that blogs tend to do very well in the search engine results. InternetRetailer reports that Ice.com is seeing great success with their search marketing efforts, thanks to their blogs.

Weblogs it has created as an information service for consumers have become a “blessing in disguise� in improving Ice.com’s search engine marketing efforts, executive vice president of marketing Pinny Gniwisch tells InternetRetailer.com.

“Through our blogs we’ve seen our keyword rankings go up,� he says. “That was not part of our plan for the blogs—we wanted them as a service to customers—but it happened. It was a blessing in disguise.�

Company blog anyone? ;-)

Yahoo’s CES Announcements

Google’s not the only search company with something to announce at CES today. Reuters reports that Yahoo is unveiling a new service that allows mobile phones and TVs to control its Web services similarly to the way computers do now.

Chief Executive Terry Semel on Friday will describe the new products — marketed under the newly established Yahoo Go brand — in a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the U.S. electronics industry’s largest trade show.

The products include Yahoo Go Mobile and Yahoo Go TV. A third product, Yahoo Go Desktop, will tie the phone and TV services back to the most common way of using Yahoo services, which far and away remains the personal computer.

Sun Microsystems Sees Blog Benefit

Rubel reports Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems is a big fan of blogging.

…blogging had played a major role in the revitalization of Sun’s reputation. Sun has gone from the 99th to the 6th most popular server company…

“Companies need to speak with one voice and be authentic. Blogging allows you to speak out authentically on your own behalf, and in the long run people will recognize that. Do it consistently and they trust you.�

The Google Googol Keyboard

Google will probably sue the makers of the Googolboard – similar name, similar color-scheme. They’ll be upset they didn’t think of it first!

Via Gizmodo.

Update: $99!!! Ninety-nine dollars??? For that, I’d want Sergey to come and deliver it.