Which Generation of SEO Are You?

Danny Sullivan looks at who has a voice in the SEO community.

“Third generation” SEO kids rock!!! ;-)

Paid Search to Grow 41% in 2006

ClickZ summarizes a new Piper Jaffray report that predicts paid search will grow 41 percent in 2006 and generate more than $14 billion globally.

“Over the next five years, we estimate the paid search industry will grow at a 37-percent CAGR [compound annual growth rate] to more than $33 billion in 2010, and we expect Google to capture the lion’s share of that revenue and grow faster than the market as a whole,” Rashtchy wrote in the Google research note.

Google Pay-Per-View Video in Works?

MarketingVOX reports on the latest Google rumor. I’m not touching another Google rumor…for at least the rest of the day. ;-)

Corporate Blog Marketing Explained

CRM Magazine has a great article that answers many questions about corporate blogs and online reputation monitoring. If you’ve worried about the risks associated with a company blog, this article should help a lot.

General Motors gets it…

General Motors is an example of a company that is doing corporate blogging right, according to Charlene Li, principal analyst and blog writer at Forrester Research. Many GM fans anxious to get their hands on the new Pontiac Solstice expressed frustration at the product not getting to market. So the company had the person in charge of that project blog about some of those frustrations, explaining what was taking so long and recognizing the prospective buyers’ feelings. It talked about certain dealerships getting limited early editions of the car and the vast amount of testing needed to help ensure customer safety. “The ROI is infinite–it’s the enrichment of people,” Li says.

Gary Stein Leaves JupiterResearch

This just in from DMNews

On the market research side, Gary Stein quit as senior analyst at JupiterResearch to join BuzzMetrics, a word-of-mouth research firm in New York. An interactive marketing expert, Stein is part of BuzzMetrics’ client services department based out of San Francisco.

Stein’s move comes soon after Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA, lost principal analyst Jim Nail to media measurement and business software firm Cymfony Inc., Watertown, MA. Nail is now chief strategy and marketing officer at Cymfony.

Seems like the big-dogs are stocking-up on talent and, with Gary Stein, they get a nice bloke too! Congrats Gary!

Google Not Launching PC

David Krane takes the somewhat unusual step of responding to rumors that Google is about to launch a low-cost PC.

Nah, I don’t think so. More wildly speculative predictions about what Google may do in ’06, perhaps as soon as later this week at CES (!!). Our response (you’ll see this in related articles shortly): we have a number of PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter this market; we would rather partner with great companies.

So David, does this mean that if you don’t deny future rumors, they’ll likely be true? ;-)

Google Now Showing Ads on Home Page

eWeek reports that Google is starting to show Ads on its home page. While the home page in question is the company’s web site in Belarusian, it signals the demise of Google’s clean interface.

I think this is a very bad move for Google. Exactly how relevant are ads for fireworks and flowers to the Google home page? How is this helping users find the most relevant content?

It will be a sad day should Google expand the ads to Google.com’s home page. It will surely signal that Google is interested in money more than relevance.

Update: Thanks to Cindy for reminding me of the following statement by Google’s Melissa Mayer…