Posted January 11, 2006 4:55 pm by with 1 comment

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Did I miss the announcement for the next SEO contest. If the chosen phrase is “Quentin Pray”, my money is on this site. What in the world?!?

  • haha…no. that blog is run by some people i went to school with many years ago. I haven’t talked to a lot of them in a long time. That was my first post on the blog. Quentin Pray is the name of this guy who went to our school. He’s led a quixotic life you could say. He was in the army for a while, and he ran a blow up float thing at Burger King. At one point he was in a travelling church choir. Most recently I heard he is working construction in Orlando (we’re from NH). Anyway, we have this joke going where if you say his name by accident he’ll show up out of the blue at the weirdest moments. I was tempting fate and I am awaiting a visitation any moment now. Did I mention he is an Iranian who was adopted by people from Maine when he was a baby?

    I’m sure you probably dont care, but oh well.