Posted February 2, 2006 10:41 am by with 2 comments

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Andy Rutledge believes he’s come up with a better looking interface for the Google homepage.

Some of his critiques…

Everything on the page is grouped together, right in the center …all except for the links at the top right. Why should they go there? What sense does it make and why are those links special so as to deserve such different treatment?

His re-design…

The search categories and form interface are wrapped in a friendly looking light colored container and the categories utilize an attractive, subtle yet conspicuous “selected� indication. The search modification links are in close proximity, but outside of the interface box. This properly associates them with the search mechanism without allowing them to interfere visually to any great degree.

I like it, but even if the homepage could be improved, I think to do so would upset those Google users who like the interface “as is”. Remember, it’s that clean, sparse interface that helped Google gain popularity.

Hat-tip Sid Yadav.

  • I think the design concept looks really nice and sleek – but would almost certainly make Google look more corporate.

    With MS investing millions to try and change that perception of themselves, I can’t see Google wanting to be seen to promote such an image on themselves.

  • Really nice redesign. Sleek.

    But I think Google wants a more classic feel and maybe in the near future, it will be changed.