Posted February 6, 2006 10:14 am by with 3 comments

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Chris Beasley reports Amazon is planning a contextual ad network that sounds very similar to Google’s Adsense.

On the phone last night it was explained to me that this is more or less an Adsense clone, meaning third party sponsored links, not Amazon links. It is known that Amazon currently get’s sponsored links for their own sites from Google, but apparently they wish to take out the middleman and break out on their own.

Looks like they’re having trouble convincing publishers to drop their Adsense ads and switch to Amazon.

Via BusinessWeek.

  • No doubt that most publishers are hesitant to leave the cash cow that is AdSense. Over time, however, competitors like Yahoo Performance Network, Amazon, and even eBay will improve their back-end economics and will be able to beat out Google simply by offering a higher revenue share and equal CPC prices. Maybe not in the next six months, but give it a year and Google will have stiff competition. I wrote about this on my blog if you care to comment, the link is here:

  • For an extensive overview of Google Search, Google Rank, and Google Adsense, see:


  • this is a great news to all adsense banned.