Posted February 23, 2006 11:38 am by with 1 comment

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Valleywag proves that they’re not just interested in who has the hottest body in the Valley. They’re claiming they’ve confirmed some details about the rumored Google Wallet.

Basically, when a customer clicks on a Google ad, Google could handle any payments they make at the advertiser’s site. Google takes a cut of the purchase instead of money for the first click-through. Bang, no more click fraud.

Marketers have been pushing Google for a pay-per-performance model for years.

  • Bang, no more clickfraud if I use Google wallet. What about if my payment method of choice is Paypal?? I also assume that most of these PPC ads do not lead to an “action” immediately. What about if a user comes back to the site and buys later without using the bookmark. Is Google being credited?? Do they leave a cookie on your machine so if you come back at somepoint in the future, it still is a “action”?? If you use a bookmark for the site a few months later and buy, does that still count toward the original ad? Interesting idea that has many issues to overcome before becoming usable.