Posted February 6, 2006 9:55 am by with 1 comment

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The Google “dark fiber” rumor has been quiet for a few months, so the perfect time for the UK’s Times to resurrect it.

By purchasing the dark fibre, Google would in effect be able to acquire a ready made internet network that they could control.

Late last year, Google purchased a 270,000sq ft telecom interconnection facilities in New York. It is believed that from here, Google plans to link up and power the dark fibre system and turn it into a working internet network of its own

  • I don’t believe that they are interested in starting another “internet”. That would be crazy. A more logical idea is found when thinking about Google’s video downloading. The fibre would allow Google to update caches around the world without fear of snooping or gridlock. With these local centres, they reach “the edge” of the internet. Video downloads become quicker and more dependable.
    I spoke to an IBM tech about the genom project and they eventually moved the memory PHYSICALLY closer to the processors to increase speed. When pushing those millions of CPU cycles, real world space barriers came into play.