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UPDATE (Dec 10th): It seams more an more people are complaining about IE 7. Take a look at the increase in people finding this page:

I know Microsoft’s release of IE 7.0 is in beta, but I still didn’t expect it to be such a big piece of crap and cause hours of misery.

After the initial install, things seemed to be ok. I liked the new “tab” option (the staple of Mozilla browsers) and I liked some of the new features. However, what I didn’t like was that at least 20% of the web sites I viewed were not compatible with IE 7.0. In addition, 7.0 appeared to add the “ClearType” (horrible, horrible) font to everything!!! Not just web content but everything on my computer…it looked horrendous.

Deciding to uninstall 7.0 was virtually impossible. No quick and easy uninstall. The Windows restore feature didn’t work either. In the end, I had to use the “Add & Remove” feature to remove the 7.0 update. Problem solved? Oh noooo.

Switching back to IE 6 left me with a totally unstable browser. Bugs? I’ve got them coming out of the…..some examples include a new browser launched everytime I click the “home” button; or how about having 30 blank browser sessions open for no good reason.

Microsoft offers no easy way to re-install IE 6. Reading the FAQ it appears my only option is to re-install it from Windows XP – oh what fun.

Yo – Robert Scoble – this is a piece of crap! Google may get ridiculed for leaving their products in beta for years, but at least they work out the gate. I hope you’re firing the idiots who thought this was ready to go to any kind of beta.

Suffice to say, I’ve now made the full switch to Firefox and I’m even considering a move to a Mac. What Microsoft hoped would help it win back Firefox “switchers” has done nothing but add one more to their growing ranks.

  • OUCH! Oh no. I installed late yesterday but haven’t rebooted. I guess I’m in for the same. Fortunately I’ve been a Firefox guy for over a year now. Unfortunately a few sites I regularly visit don’t work with Firefox.

    Welcome to Firefox Andy.

  • I’m hoping IE will remain stable enough for the few times I need to use it. I’m also hoping that Microsoft will fix the bugs with IE7 so I can re-install that.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I almost never come across websites that don’t work in Firefox. I really can’t remember having to use IE for anything. Hopefully with IE7 finally including support for XMLHttpRequest the standard way (not with ActiveX), more people will use it.

    Btw, Firefox was released today (minor update to fix a few bugs).

  • Fu

    Yo Andy,

    welcome to Firefox heaven! Allready installed some nice extensions? You will love them. And you will ask yourself: How could I surf with IE for so long? That crappy piece of s. Surfing with FF is great, saving time and having a damn good feeling to browse the web. It’s sexier. Trust me 🙂

    Some of the extensions I love:
    – Colorzilla (Advanced Colorpicker)
    – IE View (Opens Page in crappIE)
    – MeasureIt (Screenruler)
    – DictionarySearch
    – Reminderfox (Quick Calendar & Alert)
    – Webdeveloper (Must Have!)
    – GooglePreview (Screenshot Preview for Google & Yahoo)
    – Mouse Gestures (Must Have!)
    – JustBlogIt
    – Adsense Notifier (Keeps Dollarsigns In Your Eyes)
    – Well Rounded (Look Sexier)
    – Clipmarks (Save Everything On Any Page)


  • Anonymous

    Hmm, lets see… Now I understand why my internet contents are looking so blurred out. I never thought IE was the Demon behind all this. A vey bad show by Microsoft, I must say. Hope they correct their mistakes and release a new beta so that I can re-install the current one.

  • well… personally i did not explore much into IE 7.0.. the main reson being its interface sucked majorly.. everything said and done about accepting change.. IE 7 has changed the interface completely.. the position of the buttons, all the ease of using the browser went away… could nt bear with it long enough.. and it also has no option to revert to a classic type skin.. un installed it within an hour.. and after that i was left with an Internet Explorer 6 that seems to be giving me error messages more frequently than it screwed up my security settings and i cannot seem to be able to manipulate them according to my convenience now..

    when will microsoft learn to create genuinely non intrusive software… software that is useful..

  • Anonymous

    Me 2

  • Anonymous

    IE 7 beta 123 sucks very bad. What a waste of time and headaches. Just junk.

  • Anonymous

    Just use IE6 ( NOT 7 as it really does suck as this artice states) and then put on MAXTHON… Its fast and friendly with tabs and all kinds of easy to use functions!

  • usb

    use firefox on your PC. or GET A MAC!

  • usb

    use firefox on your PC or GET A MAC! i almost puked after installing ie7. micrsoft is so behind…

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree about IE 7. It is absolutely the WORST browser I have ever used. After trying to de-install it myself and go back to IE 6 (with no luck) I finally switched to Firefox Mozilla. OMG – why haven’t I been using Firefox all along??? IT’S GREAT!


  • Nicholas

    Well I like it but it sucks with the classic skin.

  • Anonymous

    Why on Earth would Microsoft MOVE the most common elements in this browser? They move the File Edit View, etc menu BELOW the main URL box and broke every convention of Windows GUI programs

    They moved the Home, RSS and Print icons to a spot that makes them way out of reach….a considerable mouse-effort away.

    They made them unmoveable or so diffcult to move that you’d need a PH.D. to move them…(Yes, the toolbars are unlocked.)

    This Internet Explorer 7.0 is absolute JUNK.

    Do not uprgade to Internet Explorer 7.0.

    (Internet Explorer 7.0 Reviews….DO NOT UPGRADE!)

  • Anonymous

    You call that an upgrade?! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why anyone would call IE7 an upgrade. It is really a downgrade. LOL!

  • There were a couple of reasons I hesitated to leave NetCaptor (one of the first browsers to offer tabs):

    1. Aliases (found an IE addin: MuvExToE)
    2. CaptorGroups
    3. QuickSearch
    4. Mouse Gestures (found and IE addin:

    I worked within FireFox for a while that gave me a couple of more handy utilities, but I still didn’t like it as a replacement for NetCaptor.

  • jim

    Can anyone tell me how to get Countdown With Keith Olbermann at to run with Firefox 2.0? It seizes up tight as a drum seconds after starting every time. Every time. Thank you.

  • Ken

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve only used Firefox a couple of times. Guess I’m going to get to know it real well from this point on.

  • Bill

    Geez. I just installed IE 7 on my pc, and it crashes every time I go into the address line and select a previously viewed page…. WTF ?

    How could a company like Microsoft release a program that is so full of bugs?

    I was practically forced to install it because for some reason my perfectly good version 6 started crashing and not working?????

    What a bunch of baloney! I think they purposely allowed IE 6 to fall apart just to get people to try version 7, and it is pretty much a pos….

    Sorry microsoft, but you need to get this fixed asap!

  • Dam this


  • Dam this

    any one know where i can down grade to IE 6?

  • Tiny

    IE 7 really sucks, I am now about to do my homeworks and I just cannot download any thing from my course website. What a waste of time!

  • Ex IE user

    I called the 866 # provided the other nite and complained about many things concerning IE 7… They called me back today to see if things were rectified with their open ticket.. I said.. YES they are… I uninstalled IE7 and do not plan on using it… I WAS HUNG UP ON… I did find in messing with IE7 that the 3rd line down… ( favorites ) to rid urself of all the icons… do not delete the HOME icon… also I found this web site that does a registry edit which puts the menu line on top…

    I had no problems un-installing 7, but understand that with so many systems out there and a “untested” piece of crud.. there can/will be problems…

    here is the support # that I obtained from MS web site for IE7… please use it if you want to continue using and improve IE7 … Support number: 1-866-234-6020…

    good luck !!!!

  • Ex IE user

    BTW… IE7 in ways looks alot like Firefox 2.. tho firefox 2 allows you to configure things the way you want them… not restrict what you can move and where… and they did it b4 IE7 thot about it… check it out… at :

  • Kaycee

    IE7… what a pile of crap! Confusing, slow, badly layed out, unstable, the list of problems is endless… Firefox here I come!

  • omigod! I wish I had searched for this prior to letting MicroCrap Update install IE7.0. What a piece of turd. Leave it to MS to not even give an option to rearrange the freaking toolbar.

  • LOL!! As I sat here trying to do my homework and fighting tooth and nail with IE 7 for one hour of fighting to get to a page and only 30 min of actual homework…. I have had it!! I sit here as I am writing this downloading firefox 2 and hoping for the best. I was so frustrated I decided to do an (Internet Explorer “sucks”) search in google. LOL!! Much to my surprise I am not the only one who has coined this term. LOL!! That’s how I found this site. LOL!!

  • bobby g

    IE7 — total junk, don’t do it!!!!! What idiot(s) is responsible for this piece of sh.t! Worst software I have ever used (going back to 8086 cpu days), and now I can’t even get rid of it!!! Well, out comes the windows xp disk that came with the system…hope that works. God, I can’t believe what junk IE7 is!!

  • Just a note. I had to turn off my automatic updates because they are trying to now sneak it back into my life. LOL!! NOT, I repeat NOT!! gunna happen. Heads up to those who do not want it back after getting rid of it. Shut off automatic updates!

  • Getting rid of it should be simply going to add remove programs in your control panel. What my computer did was remove it and then I had IE 6.0 still. So I guess it just put things back the way they were befor IE 7. Hope that helps you Bobby G.

  • bobby g

    Hi. Thank-you for the prompt advice. I was concerned about using add/remove tool given some previous responses…did it though, and I am now back to IE6, and it seems to be working about 80%, but, I still can’t get rid of that annoying “content advisor” pop-up!!! WTF… Any ideas out there? Thanks again! Bobby G

  • Yes sorry for the delay in answering u this time I was catching up on the homework that was delayed because of IE7 experience. Here is the info you need to fix it.There seems to be several versions of how to disable it I will just put them all in for u.

    How to Disable Content Advisor in Internet Explorer (Windows 9x and NT)

    The following steps will remove any password set in the Content Adivisor and allow you to reset the program to its original state.

    1) Click on Start and choose Run.

    2) Type in RegEdit and select OK.

    3) Now click on the little plus sign to the left of [H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE].

    4) Continue down, clicking the plus signs of the named key, through ‘Software’, ‘Microsoft’, ‘Windows’, ‘Current Version’ and ‘Policies’. (ie.

    5) Now click on the Ratings folder.

    6) In the right pane of the RegEdit window, you’ll see an icon called Key.
    Click on it and press Delete.

    7) Next, choose Registry and then Exit to exit RegEdit.

    You’ve just deleted your original Content Advisor password.

    8) Restart the computer and run Internet Explorer again.

    9) Choose View and then Internet Options (or Options for version 3.x)

    10) Click on the Content tab and if the (Enable/Disable) button still says Disable, click on it,
    When asked for a password, don’t enter anything; just click on OK.

    This will disable Content Advisor because there’s no longer a password.

    Disable Content Advisor Censorware in Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Follow these three easy steps to disable the Content Advisor Censorware in Microsoft Internet Explorer. After you complete these steps, Internet Explorer should let you visit all sites free of restrictions. You may wish to print these instructions so you can look at them after you’ve closed Internet Explorer.

    1. Select either the No PICS or PICS Off package below, and save it to your desktop.
    2. Close all Internet Explorer windows, so that only the Desktop is showing.
    3. Double-Click the file you downloaded to open it. Select OK on the dialog box that appears.


    These packages were created at around noon time on Thursday, February 11, 1999, and represents about 5 minutes of work. Depending on your web browser, you may have to hold down shift while clicking on these links in order to save them to your desktop.

    * No PICS – Completely disable Content Advisor Censorware, and change the password to ‘12345’. Use this if you forgot your Content Advisor password. If it’s important for the person who set up Content Advisor not to find out that you’ve disabled it, use the PICS Off package below instead.
    * Toggle PICS Off – Disable Content Advisor Censorware. Does not change the password.
    * Toggle PICS On – Re-enable content Advisor Censorware. Use this package after using the PICS Off package if you want to cover your tracks.


    * After toggling PICS off, I get an annoying dialog box every time I open Internet Explorer
    Apparently the inner workings of Content Advisor have changed in recent versions of IE, and adjusting them directly via the picsoff.reg registry patch doesn’t have the desired effect. Instead, use the nopics.reg file to set the password to 12345 and then use that password on the content advisor settings dialog to complete the disabling process.
    * The changes don’t seem to take effect
    Internet Explorer is used for many things, including browsing the hard drive and active desktop. If all Internet Explorer windows are not closed when you open the package, your changes may be overwritten. If you want to be sure all Internet Explorer windows are closed, you can use the Windows NT task manager or the Windows 95/98 control-alt-delete close programs dialog.
    * I just realized I’m using Netscape Communicator…
    You’ll need to use the Netscape PICS Censorware Disabler instead.

  • Pissed Off

    What A bunch of problems this pile of crap has been . Like others here , I should’ve searched it before doing the upgrade . Figured that something from Microsoft was safe …Not . Now I can’t even get my I/E 6 back . Deleted it from add/remove programs but when I try to do A search , gives me then 10 items to choose from but then won’t open any web sites …What A pile of garbage they have put out there …Guess I’ll be trying Fire fox as well …!!

  • bobby g.

    Hi folks. I want to offer a heartfelt thank-you to those of you that took the time to respond to my call for help in removing the IE 7 “virus” from my system (especially at 4am in the morning!). My puter is now back to normal thanks to your advice. Best regards and Happy Holidays to all — Bob

  • R. White

    I have installed IE 7 twice, it’s the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. It crashed my computer, and the Windows Media Player doesn’t even work properly in the browser. I couldn’t stream Flash videos well since it crashed all the damn time. I just DON”T GET IT! Beta or not, they are putting it in my windows updates every week and reccomending i download it! Microsoft really needs to test their damn Browsers before beta or launching. I’m really upset since my business depends on their asses making the Browser stable! Anyway, i thought I would rant thanks for listening 🙂

  • Carl

    IE7 is crap since I installed it I cannot use internet – every time I go in to IE my machine freezes – it does not even register on task pane so I can end program – I have to turn off computer as screen is frozen – well done Microsoft for giving us this rubbish Luckily I had netscape loaded so am using that now bye bye MS you wasters

  • Justin Lee

    I know that all of you super smart techie guys hate IE7; but as a retarded (not negative, just adjective) regular consumer of media – when I say regular I refer to the Joe 6-pack who works 7a-6p and comes home – IE7 has worked great on a machine that Dell built me in 1999 – and yes, it is made of some small pieces of stone and bark –

    It has been smooth and seamless while providing all I currently need. That includes access this site as well as a couple of others that I enjoy reading after a long day at the office.

    I’m interested in SMM, but not writing the programs and research – I’m more interested in the development of the idea that creates additional functionality for my personal use. For Joe-Blow 6-pack it’s cool find a site that gives me the options to view what the masses are viewing, because I’m not searching for a certain toppic, just interesting ones.

    Thanks again,

  • Bobby G.

    JL. Believe it or not, not everyone here is a “smart techie guy.” We’re just people who don’t want to be slaves to our computers, and not have to spend hours, if not days or weeks, fixing and debugging software programs for corporate money makers who couldn’t give a hoot about the problems they create for us. I’m very happy that IE7 works for you, but you are the 1st person that its seems to have worked for. From a retarded Joe 6-pack who would rather have his computer work for him than have me be a slave to it.

  • Personally I would like to know how Justin Lee has IE 7.0 in 1999 when it was not developed or released until this year. LOL!!

  • Tom Stull

    Went to MS upgrade and downloaded IE 7.0. WHAT A MISTAKE! It refuses to let me make Google my home page,insists on making my ISP’s home page my web home page, won’t even let me go back and restore. Now most web links in e-mails will not work. Don’t know anything about Firefox, but might try it.

  • I’m sorry you’re all having so many problems with IE7. I appreciate you sharing them with our readers. I went thru the same hassle and switched to Firefox and never looked back.

  • I updated to I.E. 7.0 too.

    Now my computer takes ten times as long to load websites and it hangs up repeatedly.

    I feel like I have to go buy an Apple computer now, just to get back to where I was.

    No more Msft products for me.

  • Kristin

    I admit, I am a computer novice and installed IE7.0 after was prompted to by an update. It didn’t work at all and so I tried to return to my factory installs, but that didn’t work either. Then after reading some of these posts, I removed IE 7 completely. But it didn’t take me back to 6.0 — now I can’t access the web at all!

    This may be a really simple question, but if anyone could direct me to how I can get somewhere so I can try Firefox, I would really appreciate it!
    (The computer does tell me I have my LAN connection.)

    Thanks in advance-

  • Bobby G

    Kristin. Please read the Nov 28/4am post. It worked for me. Happy Holidays.

  • Tom Stull

    Follow up — downloaded and installed Firefox. Problems went away. Goodby IE7

  • Andre

    IE 7 is S-H-I-T!

  • Shannon

    I, too, got suckered into downloading IE 7. Everytime I close a window my computer screws up and I have to “end task” and all this other junk. I’m downloading firefox right now, but I’d like IE 6 back 🙁 I followed the steps that someone listed above, but that didn’t do anything..
    Anyone else have any ideas as to how to get IE6 back??

  • Horacio

    I HATE IE 7 it sucks sooooooooo freaking bad. I’m a computer tech and wow this update kicked my but!!! I’m sticking with firefox and for the programs that need IE I’ll use IE 6. Did I mention that it sucks (I just hope vista is a lot more reliable. I won’t hold my breath though).

  • IE7 Sux!

    You have to select the check box in the add/remove programs menu to “show updates” before you will have the option to uninstall IE&. After that, you can uninstall it like any program and IE6 will still be there and working fine.

  • IE 7.0 SUCKS!!!

    Microsoft has to be kidding with IE 7.0. This is the worst version that they have come out with. I have been a loyal IE user, but can I have IE 6.0 back. BRING BACK IE 6.0!!!!

  • kg montana

    IE 7.0. is lousy. They trying to hard to look like firefox or that crapy aol. I wouldve just liked ie6 with some more features/ security added. This is the worst version that they have come out with.I Spent a half hour re-booting ie6 from my xp disc. They shouldve at least had a classic view for the people that dont like the new look of ie7.

  • IE 7 Sucks

    I uninstalled IE7 because it messes up the toolbars. I like a clean toolbar setting – IE 7’s toolbar settings are unadjustable and take up a ton of my desktop space. Worst program ever. I hate microsoft. My IE 6 is working fine after uninstalling IE7.

  • I installed the beta version of IE7 a couple of months ago and so far I like it. I do have one problem, but I’m not experiencing any of the problems mentioned in the previous responses.

    I’m a stickler if you will, for being sure to download ALL the current updates from Microsoft on a regular basis. Those are some incredibly intelligent software engineers at MS and I’m reasonably certain they tested IE7 on a number of platforms, i.e. Intel or AMD.

    So in my opinion they already know about all the complaints on this blog. I have NOT experienced any of the problems previously mentioned, but then again, as I mentioned, I make sure I go to MS Update and download EVERYTHING there. No matter how seemingly insignificant.

    IE7 works just fine for me and I don’t care about the “File” menu being below the address bar since I use the address bar a heck of a lot more than any of the menu options.

    And my font is just fine no matter what site I visit. I don’t know, but I wonder; I’ve always been an Intel freak but recently I found out that AMD is actually superior to Intel, just like UNIX is superior to ANY MS operating system.

    I’m currently using IE7 on a HP laptop with AMD Turion 64 ML-32 Processor.

    It could be the AMD is just superior or more reasonably that IE7 was designed for a 64 bit processor???

    Well as I mentioned, I did have one problem that no one else has mentioned. If I have several tabs open and close one with the “X” in the tab, ALL the tabs close. Frustrating!

    I found a work around though until MS posts an update to fix it. I simply use the browser for a single domain. If I want to go to an outside page, I “Right Click” and choose “Open in new Window” in stead of “Open in new Tab”.

    That way if it closes all the other tabs, it’s limited to the domain, in stead of all the individual domains.

    Try IE7 on a 64 bit machine, you may get better results. MS was probably thinking way ahead! The new computers on the horizon will make the current top of the line stuff look like the old Commodore 64 in comparison, LITERALLY!

    I think that’s what IE7 was designed for. MS is always a step ahead of the competition! If you have a P4 don’t waste your time with IE7. But if you have the 64 bit version of MS operating system or a dual core processor, you may not have the head aches of trying to run a superior application with a relatively inferior processor or operating system.

  • Tiffany

    Sydney, I can’t believe your utter dedication to Microsoft and thinking that they know what they are doing. Really, Microsoft is the only product I know that we buy that is already broken and we have to keep putting “band-aids” on it so that it will keep working! After all, aren’t that what this “upgrades” are – just quick fix band aids put one on top of another in an attempt to avoid further infection, but just pile up to cause other problems?

    I innocently installed IE7 on my computer and it screwed up my display with its bloody “clear type” which I ended up for hours trying to undo. I didn’t pay extra for an upgraded monitor to have it skrewed up with IE7. Eventually I uninstalled it (which wasn’t easy as someone else pointed out you can’t use the restore option). I eventually found the uninstall function under my drive’s program files (IE7) folder. Finally it allowed me to restore my computer to an earlier date.

    This was frankly the last straw with Microsoft. Although I was avoiding changing to a Mac, I am going to convert to a Mac soon! No longer this Windows crap for me.

  • Tiffany, you obviously don’t want to upgrade your computer with the updates from MS so it’s inevitable you will experience problems.

    I’m using a 2 year old 21 inch Samsung flat screen as an extended monitor with the HP laptop I mentioned previously. I’m not having any problems with fonts or images. The HP 8110us laptop does not have a digital output, just the old fasioned analog. So even though it’s a digital monitor, it still works just fine.

    I checked on the minimum Operating System requirements for installing IE7:

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    So if you refuse to download XP SP2 for free, or if you’re not running the 64 bit version of MS operating systems (as I mentioned previously), you’re wasting your time.

  • Jessie

    wow. does this ever suck! I am never updating to any “upgrades” my pc tells me to. EVER AGAIN! I had major problems with my pc, I happened to fix, before I “upgraded” i’m right back where I started. Only worse! ugh..if it’s not one thing it’s another. Some websites that are very important for me to sign into. Will not allow me. This is horrible. The only good thing about IE7 is that it’s actually quite fast with my dial up. Other than that it blows!

  • To Sydney…Tiffany’s problems have to do with a CRT monitor and it’s inability to properly handle Cleartype. Installing IE7 essentially changes the display settings of people’s PCs (if you accept Cleartype). The problem is, that setting is a default and most people don’t know what it will do to their PCs. It has nothing to do with her not having a 64 bit OS.

    IE7 fails on so many levels, it’s hard to pick the top ones. Basically, it’s intrusive in the way it asserts itself into the OS and in the way it forces you to change the way you use a browser (toolbar settings, for a simple example…I mean…I like my Refresh and Home buttons next to my Back and Forward buttons).

  • John

    Here is an idea…..lets have everyone download IE 7 through our trusted Windows Update and not tell them that its a piece of crap. Then, once they have installed it, they are screwed, it will take them a week to get IE 6 running again.
    Thats what happened to me……not very happy about it. F#$@ IE 7.blow, Firefox here i come!

  • Chris

    IE 7 did not work properly using a proxy server! when you refresh 8 times maybe the webpage comes up! I could not enter the usual ship online reservation because of the noble ‘clear type’ or whatever it is. I removed IE 7 and every link i could find. I am now very happy with Firefox… i wonder why I did not change before…

  • Bobby G.

    So Sydney, you’re a “stickler, if you will” because you update your computer? Wow, I am so impressed! And your AMD is somehow superior? And where did you draw the conclusion that Tiffany didn’t update her system? Tiffiny hit it square on the head about MS producing defective products, and then allowing its purchasers to do the debugging for them. Just take a look at XP if you need an example, but you obviously can’t see beyond your nose, so forget it. I’ve got a state-of-the-art system, and IE7 doesn’t work on it, and I refuse to go thru the same debugging fiasco with MS this time around. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, and call me Sydney… Get a life, Mr. Self-Rightous.

  • Julie

    I had IE7 installed on my pc by automatic updates, and even after removing the latest updates through add/remove programs, and removing IE though add/remove windows componants, I am still unable to get rid of it. It has done HORRIBLE things to my computer, but nothing is working to get rid of it. I am currently using FF, and have used it off and on for quite some time, but it does not work with all websites. I saw (Fu, Feb 2, 2006 at 8:05 am) mentioned something about IE view. Can anyone tell me what this is, and how to use it? I would be perfectly happy to be a FF user forever if I could view all the sites.

  • Doug

    Installed IE 7 upgrade. Now… where is my e-mail tab?

  • Moi

    IE 7.0 SUCKS!!!! 8 out of 10 times when I close out one of the tabs the entire window closes down!! I have to re-open and then remember what sites I had open. Not tremendously difficult, but WHY should I have to deal with it??!! This program has been driving me nuts. IE 6 was just fine!! I want it back, or something entirely different!!!!
    Very angry about this program. Extremely frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jo

    WHY didn’t I listen to the little voice that told me not to update IE?!?!?!? Whhhhhhhhy? This IE knows no shame! It’s roaming around and destroying thousands of computers, this beast needs to be tamed no!

  • Julie

    Moi — that is exactly the same problem I have had… If you figure out how to fix it, PLEASE let me know!!!

  • Ted Hansen

    Can anyone help me with this?
    After uninstalling IE-7 I keep getting a window that says:
    Internet Explorer Script Error
    An error has occured in the script on this page
    Error:Access is denied
    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    Does anyone know how to eliminate this window?
    Do I have to uninstall Yahoo Messenger and reinstall it to fix the problem?

    From what I’ve read so far, I’ve been fortunate this is all that happened after uninstalling the IE-7 ” Virus ” !!!

  • Horacio

    Hi Ted,

    Your problem is easy to fix, all you have to do is go to Internet Explorer then click on tools on the top bar> internet options > Advanced tab > scroll down to browsing and make sure that “dissable script debugging”(internet Explorer) and (other)are checked. This is common when upgrading browsers or starting from scratch.

  • Horacio

    For those who think that newer computers can take IE 7,

    I am using a Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz 4mb cache, 2 Gig Ram 256mb Video Card, and well protected against viruses. I tried unintalling it by clicking the “show updates” box. But it left me with a very unstable IE 6 (and computer for that matter). I had to reload my operating system and to make things worse the Files and Settings Wizard didn’t even back up my files properly, luckily I eventualy got my file back. I’m disappointed in microsoft, I usualy am a microsoft person ( Don’t like Macs much) but Microsoft should have thought this one through, when you have such a large portion of the market, you have the resposibility to take out reliable “updates”.

  • Bob

    In IE-7 by default there is not “Links” button in the Command Bar. Following their Support guidance on how to restore it did not help. When I go to Tools-Toolbars, there is “Links”, but it is dim and inactive, so I can’t checkmark it. Does someone know how to overcome this problem? Never had anything like that in IE-6.

  • steve

    I too am a victum of IE7.0.
    I am currently on hold with MS “support”..
    I can’t believe I am paying them to fix something they told me to do..
    First time – a victim…
    Second time – a fool..
    I should have know better.
    I have, now, been on the phone for 45 minutes and “they” cannot even help me fix my problem. It is like a virus. At one time it opened 45 IE windows one me ! ! ! ! !

  • OMG INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    IE 7 makes me want to vomit! It is a worthless piece of garbage that has taken me 10 hours + to get out of my system. When I updated it first crashed my system, then stopped MSN messenger and Media player from working. It screwed up my system restore so I couldn’t even do that. I finally got this sorted out, after no help from Microsoft. If you are thinking about downloading IE7-DONT. Please I beg you do not download that crap! Go get firefox, and if you already have it, keeping using it pleaaaaaase!!!!!

  • Helen

    Am I being dim, but I have a charge of £39.99 on my credit card statement which says Microsoft – the only thing I have done is download IE 7, is there a charge for this? can anyone enlighten me?

  • sam

    I am a techie (of sorts) and software bugs aside, there is one bug that really eats at me that is both a bug and a comment on how junked up the internet is.

    I actually have as my home page cause it suits my purpose, but after installing IE7 I actually can’t hit some of the links that Microsoft Hosts. I get an error stating something about “This site is not registered with Windows Live ID.” Near as I can tell this is Microsoft has found yet another way to piggyback personal information while logging into a site and they actually have a bug that doesn’t work with their own stuff.

    I didn’t ask to login with my Windows Live ID. Hell, I know I have one but I don’t remember what it is. I had to get one to sign up for XBox Live.

    This is very big brother of them. I’m not sure if this “feature” is advertised by Microsoft, but it is upsetting. I looked for an option to disable Windows Live Login or whatever it would be called, but could not find one.

    The organization of the browser is also a massive step backward. The tabs are nice, but I had that with my Yahoo toolbar. I derive no other benefit from IE7 from what I can tell.

    Anyway, at least it doesn’t crash on my and it hasn’t had the problem that I described on non-Microsoft sites as far as I can tell.

    Still very disappointing.

  • Paul SEGAL


    CALL 1-866-234-6020

  • Aunks

    IE-7 sucks man!! Does anyone know why my gmail does not allow me to compose an email? This happened since I installed IE-7. Please help!! I can read the email, but cannot reply back…

  • so i downloaded 7.0 the other day, not my computer doesn’t restart properly!!!

  • Stu

    OMG – don’t touch IE 7. Unbelievably s l o w and sometimes crashes at start up.

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  • Internet Explorer may take the credit of being first web browser for the users. However, Mozilla’s Firefox is gaining momentum in today’s Web World. It is due to its high download speed and a superior user interface. Another feature of Firefox is that it has a pop-up blocker. The inclusion of sophisticated features in Firefox 2.0 has further increased the popularity of this web browser.

    That is all general knowledge. But so many people having problems with IE7 wasn’t. I think Microsoft will be thanking you, Andy, for the customer feedback.

  • Rob

    I am not a fan of IE 7.0, but come on, this “review” makes me doubt if the person who wrote it knows anything about the subject.

    ALL sites I visit support IE 7.0 just fine. The “ClearType” fonts can be turned off if you do not like them, and they surely don’t affect “everything” on the computer – only Office apps.

    I am surprised that real issues such as slowliness to open tabs and somewhat strange UI have not been mentioned.

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  • a total lack of facts to justify why you think IE7 sucks.
    ad yet you claim the little graph of people coming to the page proves that people are dis-satisfied!
    I can here looking for some concrete arguments re the quality of FF2 vs IE7 to back up a business case for some development work on a client system (they’re trying to decide to optimise their CMS for IE7 or FF2) and it seems wasted my time.

  • You needed to look for arguments to build a business case because a client wants to optimise their CMS for IE7 or FF2? Are you or your clients crazy? Just “optimise” the client system so that it is standards compliant and let the users determine the browser. What moron develops a CMS that will only properly work with one kind of browser?

  • bhassi

    well…not a complete junk…for those who have accidently installed this piece of s/w which is 99.999999999999% crapy…..type the following in the address bar….:
    hit the enter….welcome the web browser Avatar of Lord Krishna in this cyberspace full of evils(like IE7)and let the demon die its own death. when finished do not forget to recite the following shloka of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita:

    “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

    Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

    Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

    Tadatmanam Srijami Aham’.

    Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

    “Whenever there is decay

    of righteousness O! Bharatha

    And a rise of unrighteousness

    then I manifest Myself!”

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  • Dominic

    Hello ,

    Is anyone else having trouble usuing the favorites centre?

    It keeps dissapearing!…. i mean one moment it’s there and the next it’s not. Plus half the time my address bar doesn’t work or is unresponsive. Half the time i have to surf the internet using Google!

    Microsoft are marketting wizards: Despite being full of bugs and poorly tested we keep comming back for more: because it will be different this time.

    I’m sick of microsofts revolutions, they completely and utterly suck Arse!

    Can anyone tell me how to free my pc from this crap?

    Dominic Portsmouth UK.

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  • IE7 doesn’t support styles on ordered lists. It will display them all as 1. 1. 1. 1. instead of 1. 2. 3. 4.. Also LI tags bullets get pushed to the bottom and not the top of you list item. There are many other CSS issues with 7 that worked in 6. How does that happen?

  • Biotee

    My Sympathies To All,
    I share your pain!!!!!!!IE& is horrible!!! I thought it was out of beta when I loaded it three weeks ago, duh!
    I have three major compaints:

    First IE7 doesn’t work with my Hotmail accounts (one is my’public’ account published in numerous places – Ha, Ha before IE7)

    From the start Hotmail didn’t recognize IE7 and insisted I load IE6 for full functionality (how true:-) )

    Then IE7 did an autoupdate this week that wrecked my JavaScript. Now page flashes to an error message page saying my browser don’t allow JavaScripting…

    Second – Many sites don’t load. I hit refresh, again, again and maybe the site loads.

    Third – Documents come up in Acrobat and not Word as previously. So the documents are good only for reading, not reformating or cut and paste.

    I like the tabs but I can get this in Firefox. I hate IE7

  • IE 7.0 is simply horrendous. I can’t remember using a browser that crashed so often, since well, previous versions of IE.

    This one takes the cake. Awful, terrible, as bad as it gets. What a hunk of junk!

  • Aaron

    There seem to be some computer savvy people on here. Can someone please help me with this problem. Okay, I got sucked into installing IE7. As most, I don’t care for it and it seems to run much slower on my machine. I went to my add/remove programs, selected the “show updates” tab and uninstalled IE 7. Fine and dandy right? Wrong. IE 6 is back and working……mostly. The most annoying bug is this: I do a search in the Search explorer bar, it returns results, but when I click the results it won’t open the page and normally the results also show up in the main window, but now I get nothing. Anyone have clue? Everything else seems to be working fine.

  • Microsoft has become so sneaky, Twice in the last several months I have been prompted to install microsoft updates, And both time it has been the crap known as ie7,(But you don’t know what the update is till you install it!!!) I hate the way it looks (I have IE6, XP pro) I hate the fact it crashes all the time, I hate that many web sites are unviewable with it….Both times I have been able to restore to a earlier time to clear it…What a piece of junk…Why do they release something that does not work???? (It’s not beta) I love ie6, I use firefox sometimes, But I love the task bar of IE6. Even if they fix the bugs in IE7, I hate the task bar, Why not make it so you can have the feature upgrades and keep the task bar??? Like the “classic view” of my computer???
    I guess they don’t care because it’s a free upgrade…But what a piece of junk, Worst thing I have ever seen from MS….since wordstar…..

  • Dominic

    I don’t know about savvy… but this seems tohave sorted the problem…..
    Bugger IE7 my life is too short to phek about with the mighty IE7 trying to get it working… the revolutionary multi tab has been a feature of mozilla for ages and it’s smaller and actually works properly….. amazing… rather than being revolutionary they should just get it to work… that would be revolutionary from MS :)…. switch to Mozilla and stop fekkin about :)IT WORKS!! What more do you want 🙂

  • i installed it couple weeks ago, and i dont find any serious problem though. But i do feel its a bit slower to load some sites. and i dont like the the user interface for the next and previous.

  • Steve A in Poughkeepsie

    Yes, IE has been everything I never wanted it to be. I have had all the problems as everyone else. Even when I go to restore my active desk top I get an IE script error. So IE wants to use US as there guinea pigs to test their CRAP. Well I am thinking of switching to Mac now too. I am tired of getting F******ED by all the dildo’s in corporate America.

  • Sam

    I’m hating IE… want to know why? Look at in IE. Look at the games. See any problem? How about a sorry ass excuse for a rendering engine?

  • Ron

    I too was prompted by auto update to install an unkown (to me) update which turned out to be IE7. The install went painlessly enough, but when I open IE, it says “connecting” … and that’s as far as it/I get. It fairly quickly eats up 100% of my cpu usage/power and locks everything up/down, whatever. Funny thing is, I can start AOHell’s (AOL) program, get online w/out a hitch — where I’m told by Microsoft’s website that I AM using IE7. But what if I don’t want to use AOL to get online now? Uhhh, exactly what do I download at Mozilla (since I’ve never used their products before)???

    Last, but not least: Yes, IE7 did change everything on my computer (from the very first Windows startup) to clear font, or whatever it is.

    Why, WHY does every software developer feel it has the right to change anything and everything on all our systems at their whim, just because we (thought we) wanted a program they advertise? And, sometimes even when we don’t know they’re “giving” us their programs???

  • Ron

    Almost forgot: has anyone found a way to actually get HELP at Microsoft? The web site for IE7 says you can get free unlimited phone support for installation of IE7 through Sept. 07 … not at the number they list. Try pressing #1, for “Windows came with the computer I bought”. You get referred to your computer’s manufacturer. The other options (I tried them all, btw) never led me to a real person to help. Back online, I’m told that I can get help from live support, email or phone… follow those links and they want me to pay $59 for them to help me straighten out the mess they made. Oh, to hadies with it all. I’m going to download whatever Mozilla has to offer, it’s got to be as good as “nothing”… I’m sorry, MS IE7 isn’t “nothing”; it’s the program that I’ve re-installed several times, will NOT get me to the Internet (or anywhere else but outraged), & still locks up my system.

    Well, this is supposed to be the place to rant, isn’t it. Sorry anyway … but blame the folks at MS for this one.

  • Tari

    I was just switched to IE7 and would like it to be blown to pieces. 70% of the web pages I have created in coursework are not compatible to IE7. These are items that were included in my digital portfolio and sent to prospective employers! Now, html preview does not work for Dreamweaver or HTML Kit if I select IE7 as my browser. I had IE7 as my default browser, but have completely switched to FF. I have always supported and have been a big fan of Microsoft, but my loyalties are changing. Obviously, Microsoft has no loyalty except to the almighty dollar and now I hope they lose to customers. I will not be upgrading to VISTA. I might even become a MAC user! These complaints started at the beginning of the rollout and MS is NOT listening. They obviously are too big for their britches and need to be made humble. How I found this site was to Google “IE7 sucks!” and it was the first entry. What does that say to you, Mr. Gates?

  • Ron

    I’m back again! My wife’s employer has their servers set to allow ONLY IE to access their servers, now she’s yelling at me for screwing up her ability to get to her work e-mail. Thanks once again, Microsaps for developing Intelligence Escapes us 7!
    Here’s a little quirk to this IE7 fiasco: One shortcut to IE on my computer had the command “-extoff” tagged to the end of it. It’s the only shortcut/link that works. Of course, you have no favorites, no frills of any kind (And, my wife still can’t access her e-mail account. lmao …. uh, sorry hun!) Later folks.

  • Ron

    I’m baacckkkk! I just tried posting here; but Microsaps & Intelligence Escapes us (i.e., IE)has taught me persistance … and a whole new perspective on cursing.

    Three days, no help from MS (never really expected any), and same problems: click on IE icon… program starts, all life on computer stops.

    My wife’s employer has limited its servers to accepting ONLY IE browser. Now, she’s yelling at me for screwing up her e-mail access for work! Thanks again MS … or is that BS?

    Here’s an interesting quirk to this IE fiasco: I found one link/icon on my computer for IE7 that actually “connected.” Checking properties, it has the command “-extoff” on the end of the target. Of course this gets you online, but no “add-ons”, no favorites, no frills of any kind. AND… my wife still can’t access her employers servers/e-mail. lmao ….. uhhh, sorry hun! Best of luck to those who still use IE… I’ve migrated to Mozilla’s Fire Fox!

  • Student

    IE 7 sucks. The damn thing crashes everytime I try and write one of my online tests for college. This is freakin irritating!!

  • Magnus

    Getting nuts!!!
    IE7 Sucks. All my websites looks shit with it.

  • Jean-Claude

    I have had three sessions with microsoft techies a total of 9 yes nine!! hours on the phone in three sessions and it still is a mess. Slow back button is guesswork. Worst pile of crap I have seen

  • djb

    pure idiocy, just like all the anti-whatever sites. All browsers have their problems. User’s don’t understand and shouldn’t comment. If users can’t figure something out it’s a bug to them. Talk to developers if you want learn anything. If you’re a developer you know that there’s problems with all browsers. There’s many things FF can’t do. The only thing better about FF is it’s CSS support. But even that doesn’t matter because it’s obscure stuff anyway. And don’t use FF’s highlight and view source functionality. it doesn’t actually show you the code you wrote. It does it’s own little algorithm and shows you it’s interpretation of the code. Example: you used single quotes, it will show you double quotes. The type of quote is sometimes very important. Anyway, just a small example of a flaw with FF. I could list IE flaws or more FF flaws. It’s pointless. Just use whichever one you like better, not someone else’s uneducated opinion of what’s better. Remember they can both pretty much do all the same things, it’s just a matter of figuring out how. YOu could easily find a FF hating site with all FF’s flaws… seriously pointless.

  • Tom

    My sucky version of IE is so broke that everytime I enter an URL in the address bar it opens the URL in Firefox. Does so even when I do Windows Update. The only thing that will open in IE is my homepage. Can’t believe no one has reported this.

  • KenDoGG

    IE 7.0 sucks!!!
    The thing I hate the most is adding a link to your favs! Why is every folder already open, It’s too hard to find where you want to put things. Also now my wife can see where I keep my porn because every folder in my favs is listed!

    Thanks Microsoft! I had my Porn links hidden well! Now anyone can see them! Brutal

  • Candice

    Have any of you read the discussion board on Ebay titled “Technical”? There’s hundreds of complaints from Ebay users saying that Ebay has screwed up their computers. Complaints are: pages down to a crawl, back button broke, automatic pay function bugged or disabled causing peoples accounts to be in default and a lot more. They have been demanding for weeks that Ebay fix those problems and can’t understand why Ebay won’t do it. A few have caught on that it might be IE7 causing the problems and went to FireFox2. If Ebay knows or suspects IE7 as the culprit, they are probably very reluctant to say as much for fear of a huge lawsuit from Gates.

  • Jim

    It’s awful, I agree. I could not get it to even got to a site and had to do a system restore to make it go away and be back to old version. It would not go to a website at all, and since uninstalling my system is slower and nothing can find anything slowing it. They should make sure these things work and are acyully ‘improved’ before offering them to the open market.

  • can somebody tell me how to remove my ie7? i cannot find the ie7 program in my control panel’s “add or remove program”. even after clicking the “show updates” box, i cannot find the ie7 application. or is it supposed to be inside some other file? thanks

  • Tom

    I love IE7, the features and abilities are awesome. Much better then crappy firefox. Firefox is only safe right now, cause coders aren’t attacking it yet. Just wait till more people use it vs IE. Things will change. Don’t even get me started with mac’s. Same deal, lot more pc’s in the world running mac’s. Hence more reported attacks of stupid people using a computer having issues.
    Like some of these issues can simply be traced back to a beta bug which gets fixed, hence beta testers, or simply a issue with your own pc.
    I just love how microsoft gets blamed for a users figure problem. It don’t work on my pc, so it their issue….who cares if it works on millions of other pc’s fine….it don’t work on mine, so it’s junk.

    Please get a life people.

  • Steve

    Why can’t you put the back, forward and home buttons where they are supposed to be? Totally retarded.

    I can’t even use this whats the point in scattering all of the buttons around… oh cool the home button is way on the right side now. The bookmark icon is crap.

  • John

    Since I upgraded to IE 7.0 I noticed a major decrease in speed when accessing web sites. I also have Firefox loaded on my machine but I noticed that has slowed down also. Comments? Advice? I am about ready to do a system recovery!

  • i installed IE 7 – really regretted it

    in fact the old IE 6 is just okay – but no bugs

    IE 7 is so slow and it makes editing in notepad html difficult

  • Patrick Simpson

    I have been a Firefox user since IE7 came out. i hate the slowness and the junk look of it. try having any tool bars on it it looks horrible. but for the few sites that don’t work for the 30% of people that use firefox just download this add on. it creates an ie tab click it and it will fake the web page into thinking that you are using IE7, the look of the site and all. heres the site:

  • mservo

    IE7 has a serious problem with some CGI.Even with security setting at dead minimum, which includes enabling every single option in the custom security settings; there is a chance that when you submit the information it will crash the submission. If you are submitting info for an online test (WebCT, etc) It will lose the test info yet show you as having completing the test without answering any of the answers.
    And like many MS popups, if there is a checkbox that says something like”dont ask me again” it does anyway.
    Firefox is definitely better, and frankly almost any version of Linux is beginning to look good…Even to us who were “raised” on MS products. You suck more every day Microsoft!

  • Ronald


  • Deanna

    I just installed XP PRO on my computer and it had IE7 already installed in it.Its fast but I get a lot more Page cannot be displayed errors than I did before.And the toolbar is a joke! LOL!! I can not believe they could actually think that people would be happy being FORCED to have a search bar,and not have any control whatsoever as to how they want things arranged on their toolbar.And whats even more disgusting as they have this fake option to remove or add things to the command bar but it doesn’t work at ALL ! As soon as you open a new window or click on a link that opens a new window ,everything is back the way THEY want you to have it. Lock the toolbars is useless! My computer hates firefox so I hope Microsoft does something about this soon.I upgraded from Windows ME to get something better but now I’m stuck with a Windows ME “2” !

  • Me

    The only good thing about IE7 is that when you un-install it, IE6 is still there!


  • Dam this Says:
    November 9th, 2006 at 8:15 pm
    any one know where i can down grade to IE 6?

    What you have to do is uninstall Internet Explorer 7 (but don’t restart), Then while you still have it use it to download Interent Explorer 6. Restart

  • Tony

    There is a downgrade back to 6.0. Personally I would suggest just leaving it alone and skipping past Mozilla and trying out Advent. Just do a search for Advent’s site then search ‘review advent’ …. Advent even leaves Mozilla in the dust!
    Las Vegas, NV

  • Michael Kearney

    Having IE7 crash a good few times on Vista.

    What good is it to crash my browser, lose my webpages and restart with a default (empty) page?


    If this is a settings issue, giz a bl’ast!

  • Aimee

    I am,right now, downloading Firefox. I had IE 7 on my computer before the harddrive died on me, and it worked fine. I have it on my laptop at work and it works fine. I reloaded it on this computer when I got it back, and it’s working like crap–I’m in the middle of working, and the f-er tells me it needs to close. GRRRR!!!

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  • Tom H.

    I’ve not really experienced many of the issues others are mentioning on here with IE7. The interface takes some getting used to, but it makes sense when you think about it. 95% of the time I am clicking on bookmarks and tabs, not using the “File” menu or “Tools” menu, etc, so they pushed those all over to the right and minimized them into icons. This leaves adequate space for tabs and helps keep things less cluttered.

    Firefox is a nice browser (it’s the one I use regularly due to some extensions I rely on). But it’s not perfect either. It’s ridiculously slow to load, especially when you start adding on a bunch of extensions. And it’s constantly interrupting you with extension updates and making you stop what you’re doing to reload itself. Also, there are still some sites out there that don’t work in Firefox because they rely on IE specific features, some sort of workaround to enable (on a per site basis perhaps) compatibility would be helpful.

    My big gripe with IE7 is that they are charging for some of the extensions, which is silly. I don’t want to get nickled and dimed for every feature I try to add on to my browser.

    Also, IE7’s security features are a bit obnoxious for those of us who know our way around the internet.

  • dumpMic

    I agreed ! Microsoft IE sucks.

  • daveb

    It is almost 11/07 and IE7 still sucks. How can MS go so long without fixing this piece of crap?

  • Hanan

    Yesterday I was also sucked into automatic upgrading XP to IE7. Installation was terribly slow, latest security upgrades could not be installed and no shortcut was created on desktop, and no new program in “start” panel. I managed to trace the program within the WINNT>IE7 folder. Finally the great new thing!! my bright clear empty screen!! Now what? Removed it (so I thought), tried reinstall it, removed it again (so I thought again)+removing any file with IE7 in it’s name my SEARCH could find and tried to reinstall IE6. This old reliable and wise IE6 didn’t even think about installing: It somehow sensed some stools or dung left behind or it was repelled by the stench….it actually told me so:”a newer verjuice is present- can’t install!”(or did I misspell ‘version’?)
    Does anyone by now (it is almost two years at large!) know how to really and completely remove this…(don’t make me say it…) PLEASE??

  • Alex Winter

    I couldn’t agree more!! This is an absolutely terrible piece of garbage browser. It crashes approximately 30% of the time I hit any website. I’ve upgraded to any / all service patches Microsoft has on windowsupdate and updated all things Java related. But 7.0 continues to crash over and over and over. Using Firefox from now on. God help us all if Vista is even remotely as bad, because corporate America is stuck with Microsoft products seemingly forever.

  • Dario

    Man it does suck so bad!!! Its ugly and the favorites are weird. And what kind of idiot wants tabs? COME ON

  • Lian

    I agree. IE7 doe not make the grade . How did it manage to slip through the cracks ?

  • steve

    my computer worked flawlessly until it auto updated to IE 7.0. now i get error reporting constantly sometimes freezing my computer so i have to COLD BOOT it. this really does SUCK!

  • Jason

    IE7 is a DOG! It has caused me significant down time and lost productivity when the entire system crashes and reboots (not just the IE window!) Goodbye Microsoft, hello Firefox!

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  • im just going to try it out bc IE6 sucks major b**ls.i hope it wont crash my computer or im going to kill IE

  • lol my computer f**ked it up.XD

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  • IEFavIsBad

    Microsoft says that the favorites in IE7 is suppose to make it easier to get to the most visited sites. I have a folder with 4 sites. The two I use the most by far are hidden (icon is gray) and the two I hardly use keeps appearing as the first visible – as if IE7 is encouraging me to do WHAT I DON’T WANT TO DO. So how does this make it easier to go to your most visited site?

  • Yes…I.E sucks a lot. I don’t even care if it evolve to I.E 10/11/12 or damn I.E 13. For me, it will never improve. Plus, it can’t even read most of the website. Even my own blog, I can’t imagine seeing my blog picture became half and with it’s color turn upside down that…arghh…well, I.E sucks a lot!! Oh ya, I think, they better kick their own ass out from the competition, cause they are Total Sucker.

    See ya! Sorry for my bad language…

  • JDubb

    I an’t stand IE7! My family seems to love the piece of crap, but it has no positives at all. I much prefer IE6, much more convienant to use, faster, just in general a much better program. Plus I hate the tab system, so so much. So yeah, down ith 7 up with 6.

  • vistasucks

    What happened to microsoft programers now adays? Are they spaced out on crack or what? Vista, media center 11 and IE7 are all just a pile of (inside a baby diaper). And these companies that are making computers that they want to be vista only is really annoying. It took me days to get this vista only pc rolled back to xp media center edition. They took really nice programs and tried to ruin them with the new versions. That is just so stupid, stupid, stupid. Did I say that microsoft is stupid? Yes but I can not say it enough for they suck big time now adays.

  • Bushisamurderer

    I agree microsoft programs must be on crack or something. IE7 is horrible, vista is the worst windows ever, media center 11 is awful. They did not know how to improve so they just threw shit out to sell it to nnobs that want the newest and latest.

  • Gubinsky

    I block IE at the firewall after I found it to be the source or ‘conduit’ of several viruses on systems I’m paid to protect.

    Just telling people not to use IE is not enough because some devious programs start it even though it’s not the default browser.

  • In my personal opinion, Internet Explorer 7 is horrible, and even the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta sucks. It’s so much slower than the previous versions. I have no problems with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 and it’s so much faster than Internet Explorer. I’m staying with Firefox (although I agree with Tom H. that Firefox is not perfect either due to slow-loading and all of the times I have to restart it when it comes to adding Firefox extensions, and I also agree when he asserted that some sites don’t support Firefox at all, but YouTube, Tagged, MySpace and Imeem seem to work with Firefox), and I’m definitely staying with Windows XP Service Pack 3. I’m not ready to upgrade to Windows Vista, simply because it’s a system resource hogger and consumes too much memory and disk space (I have a Pentium 4 PC with 4GB of memory and 450GB of disk space, but it doesn’t mean I’m upgrading to Windows Vista).

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