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Nathan has detailed screenshots of the new features offered in Google Desktop 3.

Features include…

* Undock panels: any panel can be removed from the sidebar and placed anywhere on the desktop. Windows Vista’s sidebar can do this, so it was almost a requirement. Panels can be made to be always on top, in a per-panel setting, so you can pick a specific one to just show it over everything else if its really convenient.

* Send to friend: you can right click on any information in the sidebar to send it to one of your contacts instantly. You can send it to their email (any email address), Google Talk, or to the same panel on their sidebar (with a “Sent from Joe� message).

And, the most interesting…

* Search across computers: install Desktop 3 on multiple machines and link them together so you can search all the machines at once from any machine. You can specify only certain folder to be searchable. Your index is copied to Google’s servers, and you can request that the data on those servers be deleted at any time.