Posted February 2, 2006 10:09 am by with 1 comment

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It seems that just about any Google rumor is valid, even when the company denies it. We suggested the Google Cola is next, based on the fact that they have vending machines in the ‘plex.

That got Barry Schwartz and I thinking….what would a Google Cola look like? What would be the ingredients? Would there be people trying to reverse engineer it? Would GCM’s (Google Coke Marketers) claim that by adding their secret additive you could enhance the taste?

Head over to Search Engine Roundtable’s forums and offer your thoughts or post to your blog and let me know where to find it – we’ll link to you. 😉

Update: Nathan offer’s his hilarious thoughts, including – “Google Cola will be unveiled as an aggregator of everyone else’s cola. Google will, of course, not ask for permission.”

Update 2: Ozh adds his 2 cents, including: “Google Cola would be available in China, but with no bubbles, as per Chinese laws that forbid bubbles in drinks. But well, that’s less evil than no Google Cola at all.” LOL