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Wow…one of my predications is about to become a reality. Remember back on Jan 18th, I commented on the Google acquisition of a radio ad network…

Could we see Google buying a stake in XM or Sirius? Could you soon be driving in your car, hear an ad you like, push a “favorites” button which automatically saves the ad information to the MP3 player docked in your car’s radio? When you get home and dock your MP3 player with your computer, voila, the website for the ad you heard is now loading into your web browser.

Ok, so Google didn’t just announce an acquisition of XM, but look what XM just announced

XM Satellite Radio will begin shipping XM-enabled portable MP3 players (the Helix from Samsung and Inno from Pioneer) that not only offer recording and time-shifting but also have a button that users can push to “bookmark” songs playing on the radio – and then automatically buy and download them from Napster when the players are docked to an internet-connected port.

Wow, pretty close to my prediction, huh? Well, it get’s a whole lot closer…

“The next generation will be that if you want to hit that button for more information about that product you just heard described,” D. Scott Karnedy, SVP of ad sales at XM is quoted as having said at a radio panel last week.

Yes, that is a smug grin on my face and I don’t care who sees it. 😉

  • Rob

    Nice post. I’ve always enjoyed your posts. And now that John Battelle has his hands full with FM, I’m spending even more time here.

    Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse…keep on blogging!

  • Thanks Rob!