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There have been a lot of official Google blogs and some not so official, yet they all tend to focus purely on the business-end of the company.

After digging around Valleywag, I came across the personal blog of Niniane Wang, software engineer for Google.

I’m worried I may lose my whole day, going back thru her archives – she is honest, funny, edgey and very addictive reading. When you see how her very first post starts, I dare you not to click-thru and start poking around…

“I’m drunk.

Usually what I want is hot guys (and hot chicks) to make out with. Non-committally, of course, to leave more time for going to work.”

She also offers some interesting insights about her day…

“I’m working 12 hours a day. Occasionally 15. I only work for a few hours on weekends though.

Last Wednesday I worked for almost 24 hours straight (with a short nap from 4:30am to 7:30am in the massage room at work) in order to win a bet. It was like Caltech. It was the happiest 24 hours I’ve ever spent at work.”

So which is your favorite Google employee blog?

UPDATE: Valleywag has picked-up our story. Looks like Niniane’s blog has never seen so much traffic.

  • Shimon Sandler

    I find myself regularly reading:

  • Aaron Pratt

    I read matts blog and am now interested in scoble’s and all the arguing that goes on over there…very funny stuff really. Nice blog, I will be looking around in here more often!

    Aaron Pratt
    my comment spam:


  • Anonymous

    Matt’s got a great blog. I can do without Niniane’s sexual innuendo.

  • Peter Monroe

    I second Matt Cutts. I learn things that I can use there.

    Peter Monroe’s last blog post..Peter Monroe

  • Brian

    I always like read many of them. I learned Google salary from a blog