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<RANT> I stopped by the ImLive booth today and picked-up some of their materials, I had planned on speaking to them about the service they offer. At least, I was until I was curtly informed that I couldn’t enter to win the Jeep giveaway, as I had a “speaker” badge.

Hello? Who came up with that dumb ass rule? Does ImLive not realize that speakers are potential customers too? So are exhibitors (also banned from entering).

There’s a good way to create a buzz at SES and then there’s a bad way. Ironic, considering I spoke yesterday on how to monitor blogs and forums for negative posts about your company.</RANT>

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  • Somewhere in the stuff we got (maybe the conference session overview pamphlet, can’t remember), there was a note that speakers, staff, and press couldn’t try for the Jeep. I’d brought my husband, and paid for him to join me in the Exhibits area ($25). I’d joked to him that of us, he was the only one qualified to enter to win the jeep. However, it was so crowded and hot (on level 3 where we wanted to go) that we lost interest in trying to win the car or even going to their booth. I had hoped to run into you Andy. Am home now…had to make my trip to SES short this time due to a heavy workload.

  • Sorry I missed you, would have loved to have caught up with you.

  • Your information strongly has helped me, thank you for it!