Posted March 14, 2006 9:41 am by with 1 comment

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DMNews has word of a new search engine that utilizes pattern recognition. With 3D-Seek, simply use the blank “canvass” interface to draw the product you are looking for.

While the creators of the new search engine 3D-Seek already envision a day when ordinary consumers will be able to sketch a specific plumbing joint and find a match in an online catalog without needing to know the item’s name, part number or keyword…

That sounds very cool. How about sketching the shape of a building and having a map and satellite image displayed in the search results? Or taking a photo of that nasty rash on your arm and having it compared to medical photographs for a match? The possibilities – if indeed the technology works – are endless.

  • Certainly very interesting trechnology. Over the past few weeks I have been pouring over the infinite possibilities of the face recognition technology that runs It is going to be amazing to watch these tools/technologies evolve as they are, obviously, still in their infancy.