The End of Google’s Gmail?

Some may call me an alarmist, but could we be witnessing the beginning of the end for Google’s GMail? The company is already tip-toeing thru the issues surrounding privacy and the DOJ. Now comes word that a Judge has just ordered Google to hand over all emails – including those deleted – belonging to a Gmail account.

I can’t see how Google is going to be able to fight this, but it sets a dangerous precedent that emails, you thought were deleted on Gmail, are still available to any court in the land. Of course, only criminals need worry about having their personal info shared, but this still causes a great deal of concern to those who protect our privacy.

If Google loses the trust of Gmail users, they could suffer a huge decline in use of what has become a very popular product for them. And they may as well kiss the corporate Gmail program good bye. Which company will now trust Google with their data?

You may not be concerned, but I sure am.

Via SEW.