Posted March 8, 2006 4:13 pm by with 2 comments

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Danny Sullivan claims to have details of a $90 million settlement between Google and a click fraud class law suit.

That’s a big chunk of change and an amount that will surely encourage other companies to make a claim.

UPDATE: Nicole Wong, Associate General Counsel for Google has revealed more details of the settlement.

Under the agreement with the plaintiffs, we are going to open up that window for all advertisers, regardless of when the questionable clicks occurred. For all eligible invalid clicks, we will offer credits which can be used to purchase new advertising with Google. We do not know how many will apply and receive credits, but under the agreement, the total amount of credits, plus attorneys fees, will not exceed $90 million.

This agreement covers all advertisers who claim to have been charged but not reimbursed for invalid clicks dating from 2002 when we launched our “cost per click�? advertising program through the date the settlement is approved by the judge.

So any future click fraud is not covered by the agreement? And Google’s not actually refunding any money or paying any damages, they’re just giving you “store credit”. Seems like a winning result for them. Reminds me of the SEO companies who guaranteed to get you #1 on Google or your money back they’ll keep trying til they do (i.e., they still get to keep your money).