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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page should take the money they’re going to waste on suing Google and spend it on AdWords instead.

If they think they’re going to win their lawsuit that alleges Google’s removal of their PageRank is unlawful, they should get some advice from SearchKing first.

That being said, one aspect intrigues me…

KinderStart’s lawsuit alleges Google’s policing efforts have penalized Web sites that have done nothing wrong. To make matters worse, the suit alleges the banished sites can’t determine how they can restore their standings because the company doesn’t explain its actions.

I do think there should be a clearer way for penalized sites to address why Google has stripped their PageRank. It wouldn’t hurt Google to provide them with a list of why they were penalized. Matt Cutts already does this over at his blog, so surely it could be expanded for everyone.

  • Jay Westmark

    Looks like they are in Supplemental Hell – which I am sure is where they will stay now that they’ve filed a lawsuit.

    I have a few sites in the same situation. G has acknowledged that they have a problem and if I knew for sure that it wasn’t going to be fixed I would consider signing up as part of the class (either that or just write off the domains and move on).

    It will be interesting to watch.

    I agree on the lack of communication from G. . It’s pretty bad.


  • I feel they have an obligation to the sites to help them get listed again. It is really unfair that a company be affected because of something that was done by mistake. And I know that it’s hard to detect who is spamming the index and who has made an honest mistake. How about introducing another revenue stream for just this. I bet the honest companies would not mind paying a couple of hundred to return to the index. If the site proves that they fixed the problem, let them back under probation. At least there would be a dialog on the issue, something a lot of customers have been complaining about as well.

  • Anonymous

    Forget about the merits of the lawsuit. I am a professional searcher, in that I write programs to search my data and return the results I ask for. When I search for “”, I had better get back references to, or the search engine, for whatever reason, should be considered broken. AltaVista, when searched for, quite properly returns as the first result. If google can’t do that, then I don’t really need to use google, since I really want a straightforward search and not game-playing.

    I am not pleased in general with the amount of garbage google usually returns with every search, and the lack of something like the old Alta Vista NEAR keyword results in up to hundreds of thousands of worhless results, but that’s a different problem.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the truth is KinderStart is horrible looking, and probably has no repeat visitors…so when Google Did/Does it’s dance…they cried…because none of their users came back…that’s all….another site that blames google rather than have a good site….

  • But after I’ve viewed the site, its PR goes to 3. what should they sue for?

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