Google and AOL Partnership…

…is a done deal.

Catch Malcolm Gladwell at PubCon Boston

If you’ve not ever ventured to WebmasterWorld’s PubCon – especially if you’ve stuck to Search Engine Strategies your whole life – you should make every effort to attend April’s show.

Not only will you learn a whole host of information from some very talented experts, but Malcom Gladwell will be the keynote – that alone is worth the registration fee!

PubCon Boston runs April 18-20 and you can save a whole bunch of money by registering before April 1st.

Mossberg Favors over Google

The WSJ’s Walter Mossberg is known for his critical reviews of just about anything technology related. So when the tech guru suggests that the new “holds its own with Google, and even beats the champ on some searches”, you pay attention.

I’ve been a big fan of Ask for years so readers will know that I am somewhat biased anyway. That being said, I honestly believe that the new – with the increased audience reach of IAC – will be the search engine to make the most gains over the next twelve months.

Google to Sell Another 5.3 Million Shares

Google’s building their war-chest again, this time they are hoping to raise $2.1 billion by selling 5.3 million shares before they join the S&P 500, according to the Washington Post.

What will they do with that money?

Few analysts expect Google to make a huge acquisition with the money raised in the stock offering. Instead, Google has said it plans to continue making small acquisitions in the numerous areas where it is developing products. The company said it “may use the proceeds of this offering for acquisitions of complementary businesses, technologies or other assets” but added that it had no commitments or agreements in place to buy any companies.

It costs a lot of money to give away services for free. ;-)

JupiterResearch Sold for $10M

The WSJ reports Jupitermedia has sold its JupiterResearch unit for $10.1 million to MCG Capital.

MCG Capital will combine JupiterResearch with Kagan Research, a newsletter publisher it acquired in 2004, to form a company called JupiterKagan Inc. The cash deal also includes the assumption of certain liabilities by JupiterKagan

Matt Cutts to the Chase

Google’s Matt Cutts answers a bunch of random SEO questions.

eComXpo Virtual eCommerce Show is Next Week

You’ve still time to register for next week’s eComXpo and join the estimated 7,000 attendees who’ll get the latest internet marketing advice – while wearing their pajamas!

You can join me on Tuesday from 1pm to 2pm ET where I’ll be moderating the panel “The Future of Search: Evolving Your SEO Campaign“. Panelists include:

* Scott Delea, Digital Grit
* Jon Schepke, Strategic Internet Marketing Partners
* Sara Holoubek, Free Agent

UPDATE: This link gets you free registration. :-)