FEC Exempts Blogs From Regulations

MediaPost reports the Federal Election Commission decided Monday that political bloggers would not be regulated.

SEOmoz’s Web 2.0 Awards

Damn Rand Fishkin. He’s already had great success with his SEO beginners guide and now he’s launched the Web 2.0 Awards for cool web sites.

I know it’s linkbait, but it’s oh so good. Must resist…must resist…must…not…link…aw heck. ;-)

Secret Lenovo Technology Tapes Revealed?

Lenovo may have seen a good spike in brand-awareness when they sponsored the Olympics, but if you want to win the hearts of the “mavens” and “connectors” you’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to marketing.

Who knows if The Lenovo Tapes is a carefully crafted viral marketing campaign or just the work of a Lenovo fan. Either way, I’m betting these videos will help the Chinese computer manufacturer reach a huge audience.

Never worry about dropping your laptop again! ;-)

Mainstream Media Not Crediting Bloggers?

The Consumerist points us to a story at The Huffington Post, where an AP journalist was caught plagiarizing a story posted by a blogger.

We contacted an AP senior editor and ombudsmen both and both admitted to having had the article passed on to them, and both stated that they viewed us as a blog and because we were a blog, they did not need to credit us. What we are or are not is frankly irrelevant. What is relevant is that by using a term like blog to somehow excuse plagiarism, the mainstream press continues to lower the bar for acceptable behavior.

The plagiarizing is shameful. But it’s also sad that some traditional media outlets continue to not credit (or link-to) bloggers as the source for a story.

Update to Reputation Monitoring Guide

Just a heads-up that I’ve added an update to the Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide. Simply scroll to the end of the post for the extra tools we’ve added.

If you’ve not already added to del.icio.us or Yahoo My Web, you can do so using the “ADD TO” links at the bottom of the guide – that way you’ll always have it close to hand. See how we’re always thinking of you? ;-)

Google and Ask Increase Audience Share

It’s not really surprising that Google continues to dominate search share in the US. What may be surprising to many is that Ask is seeing the largest increase in audience share.

Year-over-year, Google and Ask showed strong search query gain of 29.4% and 27.9%, respectively, while the other search providers in the top five declined. On a sequential basis, Google and Ask also showed the highest growth at 8.3% and 14.6% respectively.

I know, I know. It’s easier to see larger percentage increases when you start with the lowest number, but who doesn’t believe that 2006 is going to be Ask’s breakout year?

Via Battelle.

Advertising Images in Google Maps

Over at the FI blog, Mike Marshall shares details of a new initiative by Google to bring advertising to Google Maps.