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Yahoo has just not quite made available new APIs via the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Yahoo! Photos API: In the coming months, a new Yahoo! Photos API to allow developers to build custom applications on top of the world’s largest photo sharing service(a). By opening up its API, Yahoo! Photos encourages the developer community and photo product providers to create value-added features and products for Yahoo! Photos’ 34 million users worldwide(a).

Yahoo! Shopping APIs: Based on developer feedback, Yahoo! Shopping has enhanced its APIs with a new browse navigation feature that helps consumers quickly narrow their product search by providing the user with a menu of sub-categories and product attributes to further refine their search results. A browse shopping experience with category and attribute based refinement can also be built, allowing users to drill down and obtain product results meeting their preferred product criteria.

Yahoo! Calendar API: The Yahoo! Calendar API is intended to enable developers to write applications that make it easier for users to access their Yahoo! Calendar from other sites on the Web, enhancing the experience for millions of Yahoo! Calendar users. Yahoo! plans to make this new API available in the coming months.

MyWeb 2.0 API: This enhanced API provides the ability to read from as well as write to MyWeb 2.0 and is intended to enable information to move seamlessly between MyWeb and other applications or devices. Yahoo! plans to make this new MyWeb 2.0 API available in the coming months.

Yahoo is also launching an Application Gallery to showcase new application built using the APIs.

Thanks to Cindy!

  • Photos, Calendar and the read/write MyWeb APIs are “coming soon”. The Shopping 2.0 API is available today.

  • Oh I see, its one of those “we’re commencing to begin” announcements. All the glory, without actually launching the product. 😉