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I’ve started to get enquiries on how to advertise on Marketing Pilgrim. When I opened this up at my previous place, I was amazed at how well received it was by advertisers and readers.

So if you’re interested, we’re making available the ad space you see on the right-hand side of the site.

Slot 1 – (Text Link Brokers)
Slot 2 – (Yahoo Search Marketing)
Slot 3 – (ProStores)
Slot 4 – available
Slot 5 – available
Slot 6 – available

* 150×30 animated ad displayed on index page and every archived blog posting page.
* Text link ad in addition to banner.
* Your choice of link (redirect it or select a direct link).
* Exposure to thousands of daily readers – 3500 to 8,000 daily. UPDATE: 300,000+ visitors in July!
* 200,000+ page views in March. UPDATE: 460,000+ page views in July.
* Audience consists of marketers, search engine executives, tech journalists, tech bloggers and just about anyone looking for a concise snapshot and opinion of search, blogging, interactive and consumer generated media.
* Great opportunity to brand your company.

First come first served. 🙂 Simply send me an email.

  • Anonymous

    dear mr. beal,

    this is the google spam police. your site has been identified as selling text links without the nofollow tag. in accordance with our policies, your site will no longer pass your sweet sweet link juice.

    matt cutt’s intern

  • Andy, are you sure you’re getting 3,500-8,000 visitors per day? I’m always curious about visitor stats for major SE-industry bloggers and Alexa data, bloglines subscribers, Hitwise and tagging numbers seem off-base with those figures. Of course, I could be dead wrong, but I’d just love to know if those are accurate… I’m just a stats geek I suppose 🙂

  • Hi Rand,

    I’m pretty confident in the numbers. It’s always hard to track a blogs audience, simply because not every reader clicks thru to the actual site (prefering to view in their RSS reader). I’ve not quantified the audience as “unique visits” as I’ve had to make some calculations based upon repeat visits and those that maybe only visit the site 1-3 times a week.

    That being said, the 200k+ pageviews per month is a pure count.

  • Attn: “matt cutt’s intern”,

    So does Google want to buy an ad or not? 🙂