Posted April 18, 2006 1:47 pm by with 2 comments

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I don’t link to Seth Godin too often, but he does have an interesting observation on how Google changed the way businesses should look at their web content.

It’s no longer an organic web filled with organisms or even a molecular one. It’s atomic. Each page on its own, each RSS drip its own entity.

He contends that Google et al removed the focus on web “sites” and turned our attention instead to web “pages”.

  • Hey Andy

    I’ve heard about the “death of the home page” a few times these last few days. The landing-page guys have known this for a long time. This represents a pretty interesting design challenge. So much work goes into the ‘home page’ of a site–communicating the brand, the company, the products and so on. But maybe no one is seeing that page! Landing pages (or any atomic page, to use the terminology) have to have more than just the base-level of cotent. A particular product page (for a retailer) may actually be your first impression with a consumer.

  • Good point.

    Even Google’s hinted at the death of a web “site” with their launch of Google Pages.