Posted April 11, 2006 3:52 pm by with 4 comments

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Wow, I just finished reading Gabriel Stricker’s love-fest Google article and couldn’t help think that maybe he and Google should “get a room”.

I mean, I love Google as much as the next guy, but Stricker’s article at Business Week is about as one-sided as articles come.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading why he believes Google is set to dominate the world, you should take a look. If you’re a fan of Yahoo, Ask or MSN, you may not want to. 😉

  • All this Google love from every corner. At least you are the sole voice on the net tempering it a bit.
    Yeah I use it for some things like GMail and Groups but the search is only on par with Yahoo and Ask.
    Yeah AdWords is top deck and the translation tool is cool too.
    MyYahoo is generations ahead of Google home page attempt, Yahoo news is much more relevant now with the blog viewpoints added.
    Orkut? I’m a member but can’t find it, don’t care either.
    Google Local? If you like half a page being a map it’s OK but I prefer frankly.
    Thanks for keeping some perspective Andy.

  • Yeah, it looks like Google is turning into a portal. Even though they deny it. And, vertical search is creeping up on us. It seems like thats gonna be the way people use search in the not too distant future, and Google is preparing to be in the forefront.

  • ………and to further comment on the intent of your post Andy, a very popular search engine blog began the day with 9 straight posts pertaining to Google.

    I guess that’s what the readers want.

  • Yeah, there’s certainly a lot of buzz for Google. I see probably 10 Google-related stories for everyon 1 non-Google. It makes it hard to get a mix of stories. Sometime I don’t cover a Google story because so many other blogs already have it.